Can Fabio replace Evra at Manchester United: Part II | Stats Comparison

Can Fabio replace Evra at Manchester United: Part II | Stats Comparison

In EPL Index’s second segment of whether Fabio Da Silva can replace the ageing Patrice Evra at Manchester United, we compare the two players’ attacking contributions and passing abilities.

The first part highlighted the defensive differences between Fabio and Evra and it was quite evident that the former is still light years behind his French counterpart.

Does the second phase suggest a similar opinion? Read on for the answer.

Passing and Crossing


The passing contributions of Evra and Fabio differ greatly.

While Evra averages 44 passes during a game, Fabio’s rate is just 18.8.

Although Fabio’s stats clearly indicate his lack of involvement during his team’s build-up plays, this is primarily due to the following two reasons.

First, most of Evra’s passes are a result of his link-up plays with his attacking wing-partner or strikers Wayne Rooney and at times, Robin van Persie. The United style of play is based on passing and keeping possession of the ball this season and due to the selflessness of his teammates, Evra is able to make 44 passes in around every game.

On the other hand, Shaun Wright-Phillips generally assists Fabio on the wings, a player part of the infamous ball-hog breed. This can be best seen from the fact that Wright-Phillips himself averages just 16.1 passes per game, whereas United’s first-choice left-winger Ashley Young makes around 35 passes in a game. Even when Adel Taarabt plays ahead of Fabio, the former PSG-transfer target mainly likes to cut inside, display truckloads of dribbling skills and frankly doesn’t like to pass to his colleagues.

Passing Zones

Hence, it’s not really Fabio’s fault that he has not been able to contribute more towards the team’s set-up. Nevertheless, his success rate is also lacking when compared to Evra’s.

In the defensive zone, the Brazilian has a disappointing success rate of 78%, a volatile ratio which indicates how easily and often he gives away the ball in dangerous positions. Moreover, in the attacking zone, Fabio completes just 63% of his passes, another mediocre ratio highlighting his own inability to provide adequate ammunition to the players up front as well as a vulnerability to losing possession. In comparison Evra has a healthy ratio of 92% in the defensive third and a 79% proportion in the attacking half.


Fabio also trails in his crossing completion percentage (17% as compared to Evra 26%), while he makes just 0.3 accurate long balls per game, compared to Evra’s 1.1.

Hence, as a result of the above mentioned deficiencies, it doesn’t come much of a surprise to see Fabio taking almost three times as much time as Evra to create a clear-cut scoring chance.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Fabio is well behind his possible precedent in this sector.

Goal Attempts

Goal Attempts

Patrice Evra is currently enjoying and scintillating season in terms of his goalscoring records. The France international has already scored four times this season. Meanwhile Fabio is yet to even have a clear shot on target this campaign, a sluggish output for an ‘attacking full-back’, albeit one who is played in a defensive set-up. Moreover, the 22-year-old also takes a shot only every 457 minutes, a stat he needs to improve in order to become one of the direct-minded and more risk-taking full backs United like.


Although it is quite hard to compare the two players based on statistics, considering the massive difference in the playing style of United and QPR, one can at-least acknowledge that Evra is still a more reliable and suitable option for the Red Devils left-back slot.

However, ample playing time and experience can eventually develop the Brazil international into the ‘next Evra’ as the games have often shown the lad possesses unquestionable talents.