It’s a Mata of Fact


It was great news for Chelsea fans that the Blues got back to their winning ways, until the game against Manchester United that is, and some might have said that a win is a win but for me as a lifelong Chelsea fan it’s the ease of winning and flair that we play with that makes the difference.

Since the arrival of Juan Mata to the squad, Chelsea are looking vibrant, energetic & like winners! Granted, other players are also making a difference but Mata seems to have fitted in better than AVB or anyone at Chelsea could have imagined.

Mata played 74 minutes of the game away to Sunderland and they were without doubt the most exciting 74 minutes of our season so far.

Throughout the match Mata was all over the Sunderland defence and midfield, from the stats above his pass rate is incredible. He creates more play that most of the other Blues strikers and have so much energy throughout.

Comparing this to Anelka who was on the pitch for 79 minutes, Mata clearly worked twice as hard with the passes. Mata’s communication to his team mates was also clear to see from the accurate passes, he has trust in them and vice versa when playing at such a fast pace.

Mata at nine years Anelka’s junior is a player for Chelsea’s future and is certain to bring yet more passes and more goals to Chelsea during his Blues career.

Having scored on his debut, Mata also scored earlier this week during his Champions League debut  game for Chelsea and had an equally impressive game playing the full 90 minutes for the Blues.

During the game against Man U Mata did another great job completing 89% of his passing. It looks like Mata’s accuracy is going to be something for the future and something to look out for.


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