"Pogbanned" - Pogba's Debut Pushed Back And Here's Why

If you thought that the Pogba saga was over, you thought wrong!

With all the hype and attention surrounding Pogba’s record breaking transfer back to his old club just settling in, here’s a new twist to what has perhaps been the most entertaining deal during this transfer window.


Paul Pogba would not be starting in the game against Bournemouth due to a ban imposed on him. Manchester United will open their season without the most expensive signing in the history of the sport. Unfortunately, he has been suspended for the Red Devils’ Premier League opener, thus meaning that he will debut in a later game.

The reason behind the suspension is that Pogba was booked twice in last season’s Coppa Italia final with Juventus and Manchester United have only recently been informed that the ban will be applicable and enforced by the Premier League as well.

Jose Mourinho was aware of this situation prior to signing him but, according to the news, Mourinho has said that he wasn’t sure if Pogba would still be suspended with his move to England, but it was confirmed that it will be.

For all the United fans excited to watch him debut, they would have to wait until the game against Southampton on Friday, because Mourinho did mention that Pogba would be all ready to play by then. Also, the Red Devils would not need to worry as they already have a killer line-up even without Pogba and it will be interesting to see how Mourinho himself fares on his Manchester United debut as manager.

However, Pogba’s fitness would’ve been a concern anyway and that could have eventually led to him not playing this game. The midfielder was given an extended summer break after playing with France at the Euros and has only started training recently after his deal with Manchester United was confirmed. He would still need to work on getting back to being fit to play a full 90 minutes.

Debuting against Southampton in the next game seems like the best prospect when all that is taken into consideration.

Manchester United open the season against Bournemouth, a team that is expected to go down the dreaded relegation road, so United should not suffer any upsets, ideally speaking.

The first few fixtures for United seem relatively easy but then nothing can ever be predicted in the Premier League and it remains to be seen how Jose Mourinho embarks on his new journey with the Red Devils!