The fact that bingo has massive payoffs at relatively low risks is one of the most compelling aspects of the bingo industry, which has prompted easier laws with respect to the Gambling Act in the UK. However, some wins are legendary and this makes bingo games all the more exciting. Some of the biggest jackpot games take place in GameVillage Bingo and if you would like to read all about Bucky bingo, click here.

Recently, a 20 year old college student Katherine won a £16,000 car in her first ever game of bingo. After being convinced and forced against her will to attend the session of bingo, she reluctantly agreed. Convinced that it would be a boring day out, after a couple of drinks she was in for a surprise. The rowdy, thrilling atmosphere at the bingo hall shocked her and she was having fun. Her prospects turned even greener with each passing minute, as every single number that was called matched her cards.

The self proclaimed “Bingo virgin” had already spent a couple of sessions with her friends, with no one making wins or even coming close. As her card began to fill up, Katherine didn’t think much of it, as she thought bingo was more of a scam and people did not really win much.

When she realised she had a full house, the 20 year old jumped up and screamed with excitement and on being informed that the prize for the win was a VW Beetle, she became hysterical.

With tears streaming down her eyes she called her boyfriend at 4am, who taught she may have gotten into trouble. She sat in the drivers seat as she hysterically called her mother and informed her of her win. But irony stuck her with her mothers statement… “What are you gonna do without a license?”

The 20 year old is yet to take a driving test and obtain a valid driving permit, a fact she rues. However, she says that the fact that she already has a car waiting is the biggest motivation to take the test and pass it.

She currently plans to take a road trip to Southampton with her mother, after which she will get her license. It is safe to say that from now, the lucky student will be an avid bingo player lifelong.

That the world of bingo is bizarre is undisputed. However, with the playing demographic under going a major change in the recent past- with the advent of online bingo, the median age of players shifted to a much younger age of 47 for women and 35 years for men- the payouts are becoming bigger. One simple game of bingo can change your whole life, as many Brits have witnessed. Compared to the amounts offered by bingo halls, the online bingo world offers much more frequent payouts, with bigger jackpots, thanks to connected networks and progressive jackpots.

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