How Football Bettors Should Prepare for the Return of the English Premier League


It’s been almost a month since the rest of the season of this year’s EPL has been postponed because of the threat of the 2019 coronavirus or the COVID 19. Since then, the League has been vocal about its hopes to return by June, and true enough, the league is already working very hard to return by then.

Football fans surely felt the pain when the Premier League had to announce its postponement around the second week of March. This is especially for football fanatics who were so ready to place their bets on the winning clubs. If you’re one of those people who felt like their Melbet registration or any other online bookie registration went to waste because of the recent health crisis, you should be glad to know that football may be back next month.

For sure, you’re looking forward to placing those bets that you have in mind. However, since we all still have to wait for the announcement as to when the Premier League will come back on, here are some ways that should help you prepare for its comeback.

  • Review your online bookie registration and still shop around

If you already have an account with an online bookie, that’s perfect. However, now that you have the time to dive deeper into the internet, you may want to check out what other bookies have in store for their customers.

You can always shop around and look for an online bookie with the best welcome bonus or sign-up deals. If you plan on placing bets for a long time, then check what type of bonuses they would offer to their loyal customers. If you are someone whose goal is to be a part of VIP Clubs, then this is also something you should check.

What’s important is that you maximize the promos and bonuses that online bookies offer. You need to shop around to be sure that you’re getting the best deal out there. This is a smart thing to do to make sure that you’re getting more than what your money is worth.

  • Practice on other leagues that are not cancelled

Surely, the Premier League is the most-awaited football season of all time. People who wager on this come from anywhere around the world. However, now that the rest of its season is postponed, maybe now is the time for you to get to know other leagues.

If you’re someone who has been looking for alternatives, you probably already know that bookies offered offs on leagues in South America and Australia. Unfortunately, these two have been recently cancelled or suspended.

Still, you shouldn’t lose hope. There are bookies right now that have odds on the Belarus Premier League and the Nicaraguan Clausura League. These can be worth wagering on while waiting for the Premier League to be back. Here, you can practice your skills. If you’ve never seen these leagues before, this will give you the chance to be more logical when it comes to placing your bets.

This can be a great practice for you to place bets based on what’s happening on the matches without any bias. It’s still football and it could still give you the hype and thrill that you miss when you’re wagering on the EPL.

  • Keep yourself updated

For now, you already know that the league may be back next month. However, don’t stop knowing more about this. Keep yourself updated on the latest news regarding this and how football clubs are reacting towards this. All those could affect the matches you will be wagering on.

Currently, what’s known that is the league has already asked the club players to prepare to go back to training by May 18. However, this will still depend on what will happen in the next conference call between the League’s executives and the football clubs.

Also, you should know that some clubs are facing the dilemma of having players whose contracts are to expire by the end of July. There are around 80 players who will have expired contracts by the start of July and these players can choose to not play after this.

Even players who don’t have any problems with contracts can also refuse to play by next month. Many players are expressing that they are very concerned about their health security as well as their families’.

What’s important is that you know a lot about these things. All these can affect the outcome of the matches and keeping yourself updated can help you decide better when it comes to placing your bets.


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