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Paul Scholes Midfield Maestro | United’s key man | Opta Stats

Scholes has also made 813 passes since his return with a pass completion rate of 92.37%. This coupled with the fact that he has only lost possession of the ball five times just goes to show why Scholes is such an important player for Manchester United.

To show just how impressive these statistics are we have compared him to other midfielders from the other teams in the top five.

As you can see from this comparison Scholes comes out on top on pass completion percentage and on the amount of minutes it takes to lose possession. Paul Scholes passing completion rate is 2.65% better than his nearest rival Yaya Toure and an impressive 8.48% better than Frank Lampard. It also takes Scholes an extra 29 minutes longer to lose possession than Mikel Arteta and an astonishing 84 minutes longer to lose possession than Luka Modric.

From this comparison we can see why Paul Scholes has been nicknamed “Sat Nav” by his teammates as he does just not lose possession of the ball. His passing accuracy is second to none and is better than any of the other players in the comparison above.

Paul Scholes’s consistency as well as the fact that he has made 813 passes in the 769 minutes he has played just shows how successful he is at making himself available for the ball and how quickly he moves the ball when he receives it.

This just shows just what a big problem opposing managers face when playing Manchester United as if you give Paul Scholes time and space then he will pick you apart with his passing but if you push higher and try to take Scholes out of the game you give players like Rooney space in the middle of the pitch which you just cannot afford to do.

These statistics just go to show just how irreplaceable Paul Scholes is and just how happy Sir Alex Ferguson was when he found out that the United legend was returning.

Scholes’s incredible statistics since he came back are made even more impressive by the fact that he is 37 years old and had been out of the game for seven months before his sensational return.

If I was Sir Alex Ferguson I would be doing all I could to persuade Scholes to stay for one more season, even if it was for a bit part role in the team. His experience and knowledge of the game are second to none and his presence around the team will do nothing but help the development of players such as Tom Cleverley and Paul Pogba, who are coming through the ranks.

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