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Premier League top scorers | How, When & Where? History of top scorers…

When they scored…

Last 10 season's top scorers - Time of goals

7 of the 11 players listed had a favourable scoring time from their top-scoring season(s). In 4 cases (Henry, Drogba 2 & Berbatov), the player had more than 1 top scoring 10-minute period in their top-scoring season.

None of the last 10 seasons’ top scorers favoured the opening 10 minutes, 20-30 mins, 50-60 mins and 90 mins +. The most favoured time periods were between 30-40 minutes of games and 60-70 minutes; 5 players having a top percentage for those time periods.

However, if the top percentages of each players’ scoring time are added together, it is the 30-40 minute period which is most popular for these listed players, showing the vulnerability of teams prior to half time in Premier League games.

Where they scored from…

Goal scoring areas

The above graphic shows how the pitch was separated to the relevant areas from which goals have been scored.

Last 10 season's top scorers - Where they've scored from

Interesting that Ruud van Nistelrooy and Carlos Tevez scored the highest percentage of their goals in their top scoring seasons from penalties, Tevez in particular scoring a quarter of his 20 goals from there. The majority of those 11 players have notched mainly from the same area but in open play; none more so than Dimitar Berbatov last season, who scored half of his 20 goals from that area.

Thierry Henry (2005/06) is the only player of the last 10 top scorers to have scored the highest percentage of their goals from the ‘inside left’ area and Didier Drogba (2006/07) is the only player to have scored the highest percentage of their goals from outside the box.

Notice none of these players favoured the ‘inside right’ or ‘outside right’ areas showing again that right foot dominance in the top scoring players over the last 10 campaigns.

So, what can we take from this? It won’t surprise any that it is right footers that dominate the scoring charts – a look through all of the players in Premier League history will no doubt show a much higher number for right footed players over left players.

What may surprise a few though is the lack of headed goals those players score, highlighting the nature of goals and service the top players/scorers need and receive.

In terms of times, there isn’t a majorly significant correlation between the 10 min time periods and goals scored, however the 30’-40’ period was the one that was favoured slightly more than any other.

Finally, regarding the areas those players have bagged their goals from, again it wont surprise many that the area centrally inside the 18 yard box is by far the most potent for these goal scorers, including penalties, but there have been those players that favour the angle and the distance.

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