Premier League 2012/13 is almost here! Top Stats Area Launched!

Premier League 2012/13 is almost here! Top Stats Area Launched!

The Premier League season is almost upon us  upon we’re adding more and more analysis to the site for subscribers so that they can blog, analyse or fight their way out of arguments with their friends! The latest addition is called Top Stats – a tool that allows you to sort and filter the Top 50 players for any particular season (we have data for the last four Premier League seasons) and this area will be updated after games all throughout the new 2012/13 season too!

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Here’s a sneak peek of the new area (best used in Chrome, Safari & Firefox (IE not recommended):

This particular screen grab only shows the Top 10 players but you can display up to 50 and as you can see there are sort buttons on top of each statistical attribute. What we’ve done is provided more minutes per stats. EPLIndex likes to analyse statistics by the use of minutes per any statistic rather than the usual “shots per game” calculation – we find that a “minutes per shot” or a “minutes per shot on target” is far more accurate in judging and comparing players.

To find out what the columns mean you can click on the Show/Hide Key button in the top right corner to display the key as shown below:

Use of Show/Hide Key

That is not the only way – you can also mouse over each of the column headings to find out what they are short for rather than clicking the button to view tool tips as shown below:

In this particular example we have hovered over the SA% column to show the tool tip for further help. Tool tips are also available on analysed statistics, such as percentages and any minutes per stats. An example is below:

Mouse Over Analysed Stats

In the example above we have placed our mouse cursor over the MPT (Minutes per Shot on Target) value for Robin van Persie of 40.66 mins and as shown above it then gives you the value of shots on target for that particular season.

Clicking on any of the arrows to sort will give the effect of the GLS column has above in highlighting and you have two filters to use – Minutes Played and Shots Attempted for this particular category. The second filter type changes depending on which area you are in, so if you are in the Creativity section you’ll see total chances created as a metric.

Other Stats Centre Changes:

We’ve had to lose the two oldest areas on our stats centre – Match Stats and Season Stats (blocky features lots of errors in this area too). These have been replaced by last years Quick Stats area which has stats for both Matches and Seasons in a more presentable tabular format than the blocky look.

The Player Form area has now been separated out of the Quick Stats area (members found it difficult to find) so we’ve made it available from the landing page where you can choose a player and see what his stats were like between specific periods in a particular season. For example how did Wayne Rooney play before Christmas – all the stats will be calculated and displayed on screen for you to blog about or use for arguments with your friends/colleagues. You can then compare another player or search again this time for his form after Christmas. Again a good tool for analysis and blogging if you require it.

Wayne Rooney Stats 11/12 From August to December

Known Issues

As with the rest of the site we are experiencing difficulties with older Internet Explorer browsers. We are in the middle of a re-design of the site to ensure that these issues are fixed. Until they are fixed the Stats Centre is best used via Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers.

There are more details here on subscribing to the EPLIndex Stats Centre and this new feature is included for all current memberships!

Note: Data is not available to download and is only accessible via the Stats Centre.