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Premier League Passing Top 5

No surprises here as Mikel Arteta is Top Dog with the most passes and the most accurate passes in the Premier League so far. Michael Carrick has the most passes forward in the Top 5 with 35.4% of his passes going in the forward direction. However as football metrics become more important one of the metrics everyone is interested in is the Attacking Third passes or Final 3rd passes. We’ll also take a look at these below.

Passing Key for Table below

Santi Cazorla has attempted the most passes in the Final 3rd and is also the most accurate. Also Santi has attempted 80% of his passes in the attacking half (I guess this is expected from a forward) but it is much more difficult to complete passes in the attacking half so his achievement here is commendable. Once again Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Juan Mata appear in a Top 5 list however we should compare with the overall Top 5 passers list. Yaya Toure and Santi Cazorla appear in both Top 5 lists showing that they’re on top form and heavily involved in their teams play. Yaya is more of an all-rounder for the Champions – able to drop deep but then also bomb forward – he’s probably the best box-to-box player in the Premier League at the moment.

Passing Zones Key for Table below

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