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Premier League Top Players So Far | Goals, Creativity & Final 3rd Passes

 Premier League: Most Final 3rd Passes

Santi Cazorla has been one of the most impressive signings this season if not the MOST impressive new player to grace the Premier League. His main work is done in the Final 3rd of the pitch and as you can see below Santi has attempted the most passes in the final 3rd so far this season. He’s also been the most accurate in the Final 3rd out of the Top 5 players too.

Looking at the numbers below it’s Steven Pienaar that attempts the highest proportion of his total passes in the Final 3rd – 52.4%. Eden Hazard is second when it comes to proportion of total passes in Final 3rd whilst Santi is 3rd. Yaya Toure and Steven Gerrard make up the numbers in the Top 5.

The players in this list have a correlation in creativity – every single one of the players in the list below will be in the Top Five in one of these sections: Chances Created (total), Assists or Clear-Cut chances created.

There are lots of other stats that can be sorted upon in the Top Stats area as shown above (for subscribers only). Please use the Quick Links below or the page numbers below to view any of the other sections.

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