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David Luiz

One day I was playing FIFA 12 online. I entered a virtual tournament. Chelsea was the team I chose, of course. Being an extremely good FIFAer, I cruised my way to the final. And by saying I cruised, I’m paying respect to all those people whom I destroyed so badly, no time was the goal difference between me and my opponent less than 4 or 5. After such a stroll, I expected to win easily in the final. However, I ran into a person, aptly name as TheDemiGod. He destroyed me. 14-4, in a game of a half of 4 minutes. In our post game chat, I got to know that he was just 10 years of age. Even now we are in touch and he makes it a point to play and defeat and destroy me atleast once a month. Then a sudden realisation dawned upon me. Is he THAT 10 yr old?

Not that many years ago, Gary Neville, then new to punditry, made a shocking claim that David Luiz played like as if he were being controlled by a 10 yr old kid on PlayStation. The amazing Luiz replied with a “Gary Neville I love you”. A lot has changed since then. Luiz is now the best central defender at Chelsea and Gary Neville my favourite pundit. What hasn’t changed, however, is David Luiz’s awesomeness. Yes, he oozes it. Talk about class, he oozes that as well.

Oh David Luiz, You are the love of my life

Oh David Luiz, I’d let you shag my wife

Oh David Luiz, You are the love of my life.

If you are in any mood for a song, here’s my David Luiz song at my purely CFC blog. After I told my girlfriend that I’ll be gay for Luiz (and Mata), her answer was simple. “Let me have him sometimes as well”. I know we’re so much a perfect couple :D. But then, its’s more than the hair that attracts all of us, Chelsea fans or not, to him. He embodies the most perfect human qualities, like love, forgiveness, light-heartedness, bravery and so on.

I personally feel he is the right pick to take the armband on from Terry/Lampard rather than Cech, because a goalkeeper can only have so much captain-ly influence on the game. Luiz is apt for the captain’s role. He’s highly vocal, stands up for his team-mates, leads by example, among other things. But there is one thing about him that makes handing him the armband even more viable. His media image.

To the media, he is the anti-Chelsea. Chelsea are full of negative media characters, but Luiz is different. The media sees him as he is. A carefree, loving, god-fearing gent. He might just be the only Chelsea player who gets appreciation and positive reviews from the media. Looks like he has  come a long way from being an easy criticism target. Let’s see if his performances had any role in silencing the doubters.

Being bought as a central defender, Luiz was always praised for his creative bursts from the back and many felt that his deep position stifled his attacking threat. Benitez obliged, and since playing as a midfielder for the first time in the CWC, he has continued to find starts at both CB and CM/CDM. WhoScored has him at 30 appearances at CB and 8 in midfield. The startling fact being, he has managed as many goals in those 30 CB appearances as in the 8 midfield ones. So maybe after doing countless things wrong, including mixing up my dinner order, the FSW Interim has finally got something right. Cheers ! Cupcakes all around. The party’s on the waiter, of course. Now, off we wander into the mystical lands of the Statto country.

David Luiz 2011-12 Vs 2012-13
















Regardless of his many qualities, he remains a defender by trade and here are the numbers he racks up. Being his first full season, he took time to settle in his stride and it shows. This season, he has been immense for Chelsea. Interceptions have always been his forte, which make him a nice fit in the midfield.


DL11-Pass  DL12-Pass










Luiz has always been a strong passer. This season, having games in midfield have really boosted his passing numbers !


DL11-Cre DL12-Cre















Luiz has bundles of creative ability stored in him. Be it the phrase ‘five-second angry’ or his birthday party featuring a fancy-dress competition, he has always been creative….wait…am I not supposed to talking about football? Before I embarrass myself further, here are his numbers for his creative ability. Oh, Barcelona, you want him? Hands-off, please. We’ll have a drink and a chat about it when you’re in the ‘we-beat-Bayern Munich’ league and not lose 7-0. \CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE :D/


Say whatever you want about Luiz, but his hair is lovely he is a wonderful player, and a true ambassador of the game. His performances have clearly been getting better with the time he has been spending at Chelsea. Should he be the next CFC captain is another debate altogether, but for now it’s safe to say he has silenced his doubters, and I’ll happily lose to TheDemiGod if he indeed is Luiz’s controller. Till the next time, ENJOY YOUR LIFE, GEEZERS !

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