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Chelsea Managers Compared 2000-13 | Stats and Opinions


LEGEND ! Di Matteo’s appointment and consequent sacking as Chelsea manager is the reason why people like Zola or Poyet shouldn’t agree if Chelsea approach them to be managers. Because, despite your best efforts, you will be fired without anyone considering if you are a club legend or not.

Di Matteo came into the hotseat as an Interim Manager after AVB was given the sack. Much wasn’t expected of the former Albion manager. But he instilled a sense of self confidence in the side and did the minor things correctly. He installed the seniors in their respective places and made them believe. Starting off with a 4-1 win over Napoli to the FA Cup Final to the Champions League Title, the season was one filled with miracles. Robbie could’ve turned water into wine in this spell it seemed. Chelsea were always down, but never out. Chelsea threw all the eggs in one big basket called the Champions League. Consequently, Chelsea managed to finish only 6th in the league.

The next season started brightly as well. However, poor form in the CL saw Chelsea go out in the Group Stages, which was shameful, to say the least. This was enough incentive for the Board to bring out the firing orders and Robbie was fired.


He enjoyed a very good stint. Out of his 42 games in charge, he managed to win 25, losing 9 and drawing 8. Throughout last season, his name was chanted in the 16th minute of every Chelsea game, home or away. Such is the amount of love Chelsea fans have associated to him. A club legend, Robbie shall always be respected.



What could be worse than sacking a Chelsea legend? Replacing him with a Kop legend who once called the Chelsea fans plastic. No offence to Rafa, but he had no [fun]ing business accepting the offer from Chelsea. In Rafa, Chelsea had an [Interim] manager who was no different tactically than the fired RDM. If anything, Rafa had the urge to improve his CV more than the team. His inept ‘Right Back for Right Back’ substitutions have cost Chelsea many points. Chelsea would be holding a slender lead when he would bring on the likes of Yossi Benayoun to see the game slip away.

Rafa, you might have done your best, but you frustrated us a hell lot. Out of the competitions available to him, that were the CWC, Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Europa League and the Premier League(no great hopes there anyway), he chose to prioritize the EL, a trophy which bore no importance to a Chelsea fan. What was unfathomable was the manner Chelsea lost to inferior teams like Corinthians and Swansea in the CWC and COC, respectively. But then, we are grateful that atleast it wasn’t a trophy-less season as a Rafa-inspired Torres led us to the EL triumph. A lacklustre trophy, but a trophy nonetheless.

Towards the end of the season when Chelsea were playing a match every 2-3 days, he did well to rotate the side. Towards the end, he showed improvement and consequently fans’ response got better. But, dear Board, this experiment was not worth it. Thanks Rafa, but good bye.


A return of 27 wins, 10 draws and 10 losses looks better than was expected of him. Under him, even Torres showed some signs of his Liverpool self, albeit not in the League. However, the players were happy playing under him, so who are we to berate him. Thanks Rafa.

So now the stats have been laid bare in front of you to see how each manager performed and what the win % were. All did a good job but what’s disappointing is that there were so many in just 13 years. With Jose coming back home and promising to stick around, we expect to see some stability in the future, but then, no guarantees, as THIS IS CHELSEA !


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