Is David Luiz worth £50 million? Mourinho the Clever One?


Chelsea were bound to make some signings this summer after a relatively bad season, however what they did before the start of the season is something quite un-precedent. The sale of Brazilian David Luiz for a hefty price tag of 50 million pounds raised eyebrows to say the least.

David Luiz worth 50m

While Chelsea are known for extravagant prices that they pay, this thing came out like a bolt from the blue. For a club that has spent more than a billion in players’ wages, fees and signings in the last decade, this figure might turn out to be a good retribution for their money. While PSG have been handed some stern warnings by the FPP recently, their first signing of the summer clearly indicated how they felt towards those warnings. As far as David Luiz is concerned, let’s take a comparative look that did this defender turned midfielder is worth that sum.


As far as versatility is concerned, David Luiz has been a versatile player under Jose Mourinho. Although he featured in a mere 19 games this season, he was a central defender in 12 of them. While Chelsea have the best clean sheet record in the league this season, their defense was applauded largely for this trait. Let’s compare Luiz with one of the best in the league at that particular position.

Luiz Comparison 1

So as far as these stats are concerned, all the three players stand firm to their ground. However with the game that Chelsea encourages their defenders to play, it is slightly tempting that Vincent Kompany leads the race in terms of aerial duels won while there is no particular area mentioned above where the Brazilian leads the race.

In 19 matches for Chelsea in which the Brazilian featured in the Premier League, 11 of them has resulted in clean sheets. In comparison to this, Kompany managed 10 clean sheets out of 28 matches in which he featured. Likewise, Jagielka has also managed 11 clean sheets but in 28 matches for the blues. So, as far as clean sheets are concerned, this is the area where the Brazilian makes a mark. But certainly not a mark worth £50 million.


Possession is a key ingredient in any team’s performance, while it gives you the insight of which team is dominant throughout the match, it also gives you the perception of how a particular player performed when he got the ball.

Luiz comparison 2

While the above mentioned stats suggest that the Brazilian loses the ball  way too quickly comparatively, they also suggest that his tackle success percentage is the highest, something that differentiates him from an ordinary footballer. As we have seen him this season, the Brazilian will never shy away from getting his body in, as most of Chelsea’s defenders do to get the ball, and that might be the reason that his tackle success percentage is highest of the trinity mentioned above.

4th Expensive Departure

Diverting your mind away from the stats, this would be the 4th expensive departure from a Premier league club in history. While the first three belong to players like Bale, Ronaldo and Torres all of them in goal scoring positions, this comparison will seem unreasonable. By completing his transfer to PSG the Brazilian will become the most expensive defensive signing in the history of football.

While the above 3 were in the rare breed of the European elite, Torres nominated for the Ballon D’Or, Ronaldo as we all know him, and Bale being the Premier league player of the year award winner, the Brazilian has never even won the Premier league player of the month award. So definitely, there is something the French giants PSG have seen in the Brazilian which the British failed to comprehend.

Mourinho – The Clever One:

Whether David Luiz justifies his price tag or not, one thing has become crystal clear; the reversible cycle has started as far as Chelsea are concerned. A club which has spent more than 2 billion since it’s takeover by the new owner, Chelsea were always known to spend big to get their chosen signings. However it seems Jose Mourinho has become more street smart on his return to the bridge.His traits of forcing Manchester United to pay 37million pounds for Mata, dumping out Lukaku to a non- dangerous club like Everton and now with this immediate departure, one thing has become inevitable that the Chelsea boss knows how to get good money for valuable players. The way he clinched Salah and Willian under the noses of rival clubs Liverpool and Tottenham and fending off Barcelona from David Luiz before selling him off to PSG, Jose Mourinho has certainly shown, this time off the pitch, why he claims himself to be the Special One.


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