Check Out the Best Players of the Premier League Season

When it comes to football in the United Kingdom, everyone wants to know about the best players of the premier league season. Well, it’s that time of year right now when everyone’s been looking at those players. Based on their current form, who takes the top spot. We’ve looked over every single one of the best players, and we have some answers for you.

The Top 2 Players

At the top, we of course have Harry Kane with the Spurs. Harry Kane has had a wonderful performance in the last few months, and he has been so phenomenal in general. He basically won the North London derby, and he’s really on fire since then too. In second place, we have David De Gea with Manchester United. This guy is really on fire as well. It may seem funny to have a goalkeeper really high on our list of the best players, but he is just too good. He’s been throwing himself at those hard to reach shots and really keeping great goal for Manchester United and his team.

What to do when you’re not watching the Premier League

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Next up on the list

There’s more where that came from. At spot three, we have Eden Hazard of Chelsea. He’s doing great, and he’s just starting out in his prime years, so we can’t wait to see what happens with him next. Finally, at spot four, we have the amazing Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea. He’s done a great job and has won 86 percent of the tackles he’s been in.