Fabian Delph to Man… Staying at Aston Villa


Many media outlets, including the BBC and Sky Sports, have reported that Aston Villa’s Fabian Delph will be moving to the Etihad, pending a medical.  The BBC have reported that the Englishman did not travel to Portugal for Villa’s preseason tour so it seems that it is only a matter of time before he goes to Manchester.


With Delph on his way to Ci…. wait… wait a minute…. ummm he’s just come out and said he’s staying at Villa…. well…. this is awkward, isn’t it?  Well, I’m gonna go scramble to change the title and the rest of the article and I’ll see you in a second. *Sigh* You really couldn’t have said this a few days earlier, Fabian? Really?

So Fabian Delph has come out and said that he is in fact turning down Manchester City to stay as captain at Aston Villa.  Considering how many reliable media outlets were reporting the deal and, as said above, that he did not travel for the preseason tour this comes as a huge shock. Now that Fabian Delph is DEFINITELY NOT going to Manchester City (Just don’t. Please) I’ll talk about how the Englishman’s shocking decision was absolutely the right one.

Going into the weekend, we all thought that Delph would be going to City.  It had been reported by multiple media outlets that the Citizens had paid the buyout clause in the midfielder’s contract and that they had come to a deal with the English international.  It was reported that the deal was done pending a medical, but then Delph did a u-turn and has pledged that he will be staying at Villa Park. It’s not often now-a-days that players turn down more money and playing for a big side, but Delph did just that.

Naturally, most people take the money and choose to go to the bigger club.  Fabian Delph though has broken the mold.  He has seen the careers of Adam Johnson, Scott Sinclair, and Jack Rodwell and how they failed to advance their careers after going to the Etihad.  This Englishman has decided to choose guaranteed playing time.  It’s a surprising decision, but one that should prove to be the right one.

The current Manchester City team is short in central midfield.  They’re down to only Fernando, Fernandinho, and Yaya Toure for their two spots in defensive midfield.  So currently Delph could see himself getting some playing time.  The problem is that City can drop big money on two maybe three bigger better players. With FFP rules reportedly being relaxed, that gives City the ability to really flex their financial muscles.  They’ve already flexed their muscles with the rumored signing of Raheem Sterling for £49m.  Their money means that they could feasibly go out and sign someone like Paul Pogba in the next two summer transfer windows and push Delph further down in the pecking order.

Fabian Delph has seen that this possible move to Manchester City could have hurt his career in the long run.  With rejecting this move, I think that he is doing his career a world of good.  He has also made both the BBC and Sky Sports look like fools along with making me waste a couple hours writing the initial article on him.  Well played, Mr. Delph, well played.


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