Making a Profit Off of the Football Industry

Making a Profit Off of the Football Industry

Brothers, Alex and Gavin Walker, of London made £400,000 in 18 months by watching and placing bets on football. They quit their jobs, rent out a penthouse on Old Street for a whopping £3,500 a month, and watch football every moment of every day. Sounds like a dream, right? Yet, maybe even professional footballers like to take a break from the game every now and then. So, how do you strike it rich at football without actually becoming a player yourself? While you may not want to quit your day job quite yet, here are some ideas to make some money and enjoy the game at the same time:

Sportsbooks and Betting

Everyone thinks they’re good at sports betting until they try. Some are good like the Walker brothers and others have no knack for it at all. However, if you’re the latter, don’t worry yet as luck may be on your side. While you can always place a bet on a favorite team or follow your heart/intuition, in order to make a good profit (somewhere in the Walker brothers neighborhood) you will need to know what you’re doing and how it works. A good place to start is by checking out the rules of sports betting at Online Casino Bluebook and placing your bets in an online casino. Sports betting takes patience, a focused and clear head, and a good sense of the game, in order to be successful.

Create a Commemorative Product

When Leicester City, the rags-to-riches team, became champion, the whole world took notice about 250,000 proud fans took to Leicester to celebrate the victory the the “Little Team That Could”. Although there may not be another victory of such caliber for some time, football fans love to celebrate, show support, and commemorate a momentous moment. If betting isn’t your forte, why not create a product that the fans will want to buy?

Whether you design a t-shirt with a clever design (don’t steal a copyrighted logo) or even get together with some friends and invest in a becoming a food vendor to feed the hungry fans at a match, it’s a relatively safe risk that may be worth taking. Football clubs make money off of apparel, so why can’t you?

If you are a collector of football memorabilia and are ready to part with some of your collection, you may make a nice profit off of a rare collectible card or a signed photograph. Collector cards sell the same way as lot of rare coins and they appreciate in value over time.

Become Part of the Game

Although you may never become the next De Gea or Bale, you may be able to brush up some of your old footballer skills, take a training course to coach youth football, and apply to become a football coach. While it may not rake in the riches like being a pro player or one of the Walker brothers, you could make £13,500 or more a year for teaching others how to play a sport you love.

If athleticism isn’t one of your strengths, why not see if you can land a job for one of the Football Clubs? If you can’t play your favorite sport, why not live it as much as you can and make a profit, too?