How Premier League Will Enrich The Clubs

How Premier League Will Enrich The Clubs

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In general, wise money management is the key point to success in any business, including sports. Recently, BDO has conducted the research about the financial position of the football clubs after this season of the English Premier League.

The research revealed that out of all the Premier League clubs about three-quarters are going to make a profit this season. This 88% are expected to gain somewhere between £100m and £150m by TV rights allocations. Still, not every club will be so successful. In fact, 40% of the Scottish Premiership and over 20% of the Championship clubs admit that they all experience quite frustrating financial situation.

BDO has interviewed near 50 football club finance directors. The interviews have shown that out of all the League Two clubs, 73% have received either formal or informal approach from potential investors. Such statistics shows the tendency of investing in lower leagues as those which can guarantee the future value growth.

The head of professional sports at BDO, Ian Clayden, said that even though the financial gap between different divisions widens with growing stability, the wealth gap within individual leagues seems to be gradually narrowing. He claims that the greater emphasis on the competition in the field will help English and Scottish football. Competition will boost the quality of the game towards becoming the most profitable, competitive and the most astonishing in the world.

With the Premier League starting off this weekend, it’ll be interesting to see how the club’s fortune will grow and which impact it will have on the outcome of the League. Anyway, we should not forget that the game itself is more important than any money in the world. The real fans want to see the real game. Let’s enjoy this Premier League and hope that the winning team will be worthy of the champion title.

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