A look at Arsenal’s Post Transfer Performance


When it comes to Arsenal, there is always a lot of pressure on the team to be able to perform well. With the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil being some of the star signings over the previous years, the squad just can’t seem to hit the expectations that they have. Whether this is a managerial issue with Arsene Wenger not willing to spend more money on new signings over the various transfer windows, or whether there’s a lack of team morale that the squad may be suffering from due to their lack of silverware, we’re taking a look at Arsenal’s post transfer performance.

New Signings

There haven’t been many new signings for Arsenal fans to rave about over the summer, but a few additions to the squad could have an impact. Latest signings Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez made their debut for the club against Southampton, and despite some early nerves, analysts of the match believe that the players will become the Premier league’s most impressive central-defensive passing partnership with Mustafi and Koscielny. However the Premier League plays very differently when compared to other European football leagues and is known to be more aggressive and physically demanding. It could take a while for the signings to settle in before they make a huge impact on the game, but the pair could do well in amongst a team of players such as Olivier Giroud, Sanchez and Ozil.

Performance So Far

So far this season, after just four games in, the squad have won 2, drawn 1 and lost 1 despite the only tough competition that they have come up against in some people’s eyes being Liverpool, this record isn’t the best start to the season – however it could be worse. The squad have done what they’ve needed to do against Southampton and Watford, and drew against last season’s champions Leicester City who they managed to hold off both times they met last season. Although winning all four like Manchester City would’ve been an ideal start, the squad definitely have a chance to show off what they can do throughout the rest of the season, and the fixtures across all competitions will just keep on coming. However, the current performance of the players could be showing that the club may be putting more of an importance on other competitions aside from the Premier League, such as the Champions League.

European Competitions

The Champions League is one of the biggest competitions in Europe, and with the huge increase in competition for the Premier League title, Arsene Wenger’s priorities may have changed to focus more on taking the Champions League title instead. In their last game, Alexis Sanchez was left on the bench to rest, despite being a key player for the squad, and with the squad looking to take on PSG for their first match there’s a strong chance that the team may have their eye on that piece of silverware instead. However, 888sport are looking at Arsenal to be more likely to win the Premier League, at 14/1, rather than winning the Champions League, at 25/1. Nevertheless, Arsenal have been in many European competitions over the years, and the players and manager will know just how grueling and tiring such games can be, particularly with the travel added on top. However, if the club focus more on the Champions League they may be excusing any lackluster performances in the Premier League, as long as they remain close to the top 4 finish where they appear to be so comfortable.


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