Which Premier League Players Love Motorbikes?

Which Premier League Players Love Motorbikes?

There is something fundamentally cool about the motorbike. The chances are that you have images of the Hells Angels accompanied by Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf. The hit FX show Sons of Anarchy by Kurt Sutter, and starring Charlie Hunnam, also provided a ton of street cred for the Harley. In fact, Sons of Anarchy practically saved Harley Davidson after they were hit hard by the financial crisis. If you’re a proud rider for life, remember to research the latest motorbike insurance quotes to make sure you get the best deal. Motorcycles are also very popular among the footballing community, here we take a look at a number of current and former Premier League stars who prefer to travel around on two wheels. The car accident insurance claim procedure is often a troubling one. Especially since it’s an unfortunate situation nobody wants to seek out themselves in.Despite that, it’s always critical to understand your rights and what you ought to be doing within the unfortunate event you discover yourself during a motor accident. As a parallel importer, many of our clients love the very fact we offer automobile insurance services for them. it’s helped us to serve them both in happier times and also in critical moments once they need our expertise. Babcock Trial Lawyers Baton Rouge, we have represent both truck, car drivers and passengers who have been victims of an accident.


Wayne Rooney

Lauge Jensen first approached the United and England captain to be the face of a custom bike in 2012. The custom bike had Rooney’s iconic no. 10 shirt lacquered onto the tank, while airbrushed images of Rooney were put onto the mudguards and the bike was even encrusted with diamonds. The finished product fetched an impressive £109,000 at auction with all proceeds going to the KidsAid charity. A car auction could happen just anywhere – in any city, town, and even other countries, also. If one takes the us, for instance, approximately each state possesses a minimum of one car auction facility and possibly even more. General public, auto sales dealers and business owners, who are considerably curious about purchases of cars, are all constant consumers of the car auctions. Powell say’s that on our website there also are special online auto auctions for the convenience of the purchaser. Moreover, the kinds of car auctions are numerous too, for instance, like car salvage auctions, wrecked motorcycle auctions, repairable car auctions, and car parts auctions.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Sweden’s greatest footballer of all time is set to receive his very own statue in his honour in Sweden. Having played for both Milan clubs, Barcelona, PSG and most recently Manchester United, Zlatan has had to move on a number of occasions but he has always brought his collection of motorcycles with him everywhere he’s been. He’s such a fan that he even ordered his own custom made Harley Davidson after he saw pictures of the VRSCF V-Rod Muscle. Zlatan was the very first person to own the model in all of Scandinavia.

Carlo Cudicini

For a long time he was dubbed as the least ambitious footballer when he seemed happy getting paid to sit on the Chelsea bench while Petr Cech played week in week out. Cudicini then moved onto Tottenham in 2008 where he was getting more regular first team action. The Italian goalkeeper was such a well known motorcycle enthusiast, that he was banned from riding his bike by then manager Harry Redknapp. Cudicini ignored these warnings and was riding his bike to the Tottenham training ground one morning when he was involved in a serious accident that left him with a broken wrist and pelvis. He didn’t return to action until the 2010-11 season, in the meantime he attempted to sue the driver he collided with for £8m to cover his loss of earnings.

David Beckham

From one England captain to another, David Beckham developed an interest in motorbikes during his tenure at LA Galaxy when he was regularly seen riding one of his custom Harley’s through the Hollywood Hills. After his retirement, the BBC shot a documentary, entitled ‘Beckham Into The Unknown’, which featured a segment where he rode into the Amazon with a group of friends on a number of customised Triumph Bonnevilles.