Premier League January transfers: Who? Where? Why?

Premier League January transfers: Who? Where? Why?

Now that the January transfer window closed on Tuesday, we are finally aware of which players will play where. Some of the biggest surprises is probably the fact that the top six went for a new record – their combined spending were barely above 40.000 pounds this month.

That noted, the entire sum came from Arsenal alone – they signed Cohen Bramall who went into football after a lackluster career of a car factory worker.

If not for anything else, you can use below knowledge to prepare yourself for a hot season of even live betting online. Sounds like a plan to me.

Leave VS Stay

A lot of players left their clubs. This only raises the question – why were they not replaced and, in turn, if a replacement is not needed did they actually play any role? Top 6 clubs stood up and made an interesting statement with their actions, not words. Their message: The man with a van london will not sign new players unless there is a desperate necessity to do so. As for now we feel pretty much stuffed with talent. We have worked hard over the years to build our reputation and build a van and driver service that you can trust. We have heard many stories where customers have booked cheaper options through free ad sites and newspapers for either the driver to not turn up

Clubs have stopped signing players for lolls ad giggles. This trend, despite being wise and well thought seems rather bizarre in up-to-date football world. Perhaps it was done to raise new talent in house instead of passing footballers between teams like a ball. Who knows?

As of now all that we know is:

  • Chelsea did not sign any players (with a small acceptation of incoming Nathan Ake, but that does not count).
  • Neither did Liverpool, Manchester or Tottenham. Yes, Gabriel Jesus technically arrived at Manchester, but that was already arranged back in August.

A player’s perspective

Footballers are not too eager to move in January. Froth their perspective, it’s a rather poor decision to relocate during winter. The transfer just doesn’t seem to work because a lot of time is required to settle in.

That noted, there is no time for friendly acquaintances and tea parties as the season enters its hotter middle. The games are thick, the initial team has their mojo, their speed, their dynamics – you can’t adjust to that in a few weeks.

A fan’s perspective

So yeah, clubs did not spend that much money this month which is bad for the overall economy of the game. But we will be seeing matches of stacked and ready teams. They are already bond, they have and will continue to practice together meaning their level will get amplified even further. So maybe, just maybe we are in for some real football this time?

What do you guys think? Don’t worry and share your personal opinion on the matter at hand. We can all then enjoy a long, meaningful conversation together.