Starting Season Predictions v The Premier League Final Standings


All sports analysts revel in the joy of a starting season, especially when it comes to the Premier League. The best English teams are fighting for the title as these experts often argue their claim about the final outcome of the matches. Despite their confidence, guessing the final outcome is about as difficult as guessing the lotto results before the next drawing.

Reviewing the predictions made at the start of the season with the current table positions offers valuable insight into the teams’ performance and overall achievements. With the following season coming around the corner, you need to gather intel and prepare for next year’s finale.

Manchester City

This season’s favourite team to win the Premier League title are currently located in 4th position on the table, just like last year’s final outcome. Their efforts last year left them behind Tottenham who managed to obtain a third place finish. Manchester City fans and analysts still have their hopes up as they await for a final miraculous move by one of the team’s most famous coaches – Pep Guardiola.

Manchester United

Changes at the start of the Premier League seemed promising as many were willing to place their bet on this team. However, just like Manchester City, Manchester United failed to meet expert expectations and reach second place. Instead, they’ve currently found themselves in 5th position, just like last year’s final outcome.

Plus, the team’s new manager Jose Mourinho seemed impatient to use his anti-Chelsea motivation to drive the team forward, but predictions seem far from realistic at the season’s close and an 8-point difference keeping them from finishing second.


Unlike the previous two, this team is a true success story. Rising up from last season’s tenth position to the front of the table, Chelsea has certainly found the recipe for success.

Most analysts have determined this to be a result of Antonio Conte’s revolutionary strategies in leading the team towards the Premier League title. Predictions of landing the third position seem insignificant at the moment, as everyone is eagerly waiting for the Blues to end this season in glory.


Last year’s runners up seem to be stuck in some kind of a rut for the 2016/17 season. Even though experts weren’t extremely positive about their final placement and predicted a fourth-place finish for the Gunners, it seems that they would be lucky to reach the top five by the end.

Everyone’s hopes are set on Arsene Wenger and his last-minute tactics, but it seems like even he can’t find a way out and has solely focused on qualifying for the Champions League.


Another surprise on the latest table standings is Liverpool’s current position as third. Last year, this team barely managed to keep their position in the top ten, finishing 8th. Due to this, most analysts simply prompted them with a 6th place projection. Nevertheless, Liverpool left everyone in awe as they have climbed into the top three.

Although they haven’t been ready for the title for quite some time, they are certainly making some progress in that direction.


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