Is Sport Keeping Up With Advancing Technologies?

Is Sport Keeping Up With Advancing Technologies?

The advancement in technology over the last ten years has been somewhat overwhelming for a number of industries. One of these industries is the sports industries, and while the implementation of technology can lead to changes in the ways that a number of the sports are played and player’s performances, there has a little bit of hesitation when it comes to their implementation in a number of sports. Nevertheless, this introduction of sports technology is highly celebrated with the annual sports technology awards providing exposure for the latest advancing technologies that can be found across a huge range of sports. Here, we’re taking a look at whether or not the sports industry is keeping up with the sudden and rapidly advancing world of technology.

Hawk-Eye Technology

While this is generally used for international cricket and tennis in order to trace the ball’s trajectory to see whether it is in or out, there is huge potential for hawk-eye technology to be used in football. In fact, the Premier League has agreed to begin introducing goal-line sensors, and this is being developed by Hawk-Eye – a UK tech company, in order to help determine whether the ball has indeed crossed the line of goal or not.

The Hawk-Eye technology uses a camera which takes 600 frames per second on the goal line, and this information is then analysed by a computer and sent to the referee. This type of technology is aimed at helping to improve the decision-making process, yet we have yet to see the Hawk-Eye technology be implemented regularly. There are two main incidents that involve England and Germany (in 1966 and 2010) which was the main cause for the goal-line technology to be implemented, along with a number of other more recent goal-line situations.

Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology In Sports Betting

Blockchain technology was made evermore popular with the help of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be used for people looking to place bets, in particular sports wagers, and it provides a pseudo-anonymous way for people to place their bets and not have their identity linked to whatever they are doing with the Bitcoin. There are a huge number of Bitcoin sportsbooks available on the internet for those looking to place their bets, and with exceptional levels of security and fast transaction speeds, it is interesting that more online sports betting sites haven’t adopted the Bitcoin. The digital currency doesn’t just benefit its users.

Because the currency is decentralised, there are little to no fees for merchants who are allowing bettors to wager with the Bitcoin, which could help a huge number of small sports betting sites to branch out. Bitcoin isn’t very well publicised in sports however, despite being determined as the future of currency, yet it could provide a whole new gateway for publicity and marketing with the sports. This is necessarily just in the world of football, where money isn’t an issue anyway. This could also be used in extreme sports providing an ideal avenue for things like funding and exposure that the market isn’t yet used to.

In the Premier League however, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology could provide a new avenue for people to buy tickets, purchase merchandise, and even invest in things like season tickets or the club itself. Maybe we will soon see the Premier League players being bought in and out of clubs with the use of the digital currency.


This type of technology is only used in Formula 1 racing, and works to help recover any type of wasted kinetic energy. Simply, it helps to collect the heat built up from the brakes, and later stores this power to boost acceleration later on in the race. This was introduced in 2008, but the weight of KERS has led to a significant number of teams turning away from this thrilling technology, particularly when they’re trying to make their cars as light and aerodynamic as possible. KERS however is a really important type of technology to be introduced in the racing world, and advancements in the composition of KERS may be able to help the sport adopt this piece of technology.

There are a number of different types of technologies that have been introduced into the sporting world, but we are yet to see a number of these being used on a regular basis or be fully adopted into the sport. A lot of the reasons behind this is because a number of sports, in particular football and the English Premier League, are concerned that it would slow down game-play if various types of technology were to be used on a regular basis within games. These technologies however have the potential to revolutionise sport as we know it and so should be something sport looks at to implement in the very near future.

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