A brief guide to betting on EPL games

A brief guide to betting on EPL games

Betting on sporting events has become even more popular since online casinos, and other online betting establishments went mobile. One of the sports that attract large numbers of gamblers or players, is football, and here in England, it is the English Premier League (EPL) in particular, where most interest is focussed.

Like any type of gambling, it is beneficial if you are intending to bet on your chosen sport regularly, to develop or adopt a system or betting strategy. For the odd one-off bet, most people go by gut feel or know enough about the sport to study form.

Occasional betting doesn’t usually involve large sums of money, so it doesn’t matter enormously whether you win or lose. It’s really betting more for fun than anything else. The more serious gambler however, can stand to lose large sums of money over time if he/she doesn’t follow a specific system; so if you are considering placing wagers within the Premier Footbal League more regularly, here are some EPL betting strategies you might like to think about adopting.

Statistical information

The Premier League here in the UK is an excellent example of a betting category that has multiple betting options. It also has the advantage that you can get all the statistical information you want completely free of charge, including data of teams and players too.

As probably the top football league in the world, it enjoys plentiful media coverage thanks to television rights contracts with people like Sky and BT. This coverage is a great source of various facts and figures.

The Premier League also runs its own website of course. Here you can get extensive details about fixtures and matches and this also includes full details of the Fantasy Premier League, a category that attracts punters from all over the world. There are many other websites too, that all have useful information.

Whatever strategy you decide to employ, you would be best advised to gather all the information you can, which can then be put to use depending on your preferred betting plan.

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Tips on how to best use the data you collect

Having all the information you need is one thing, but knowing how to make best use of it is quite another.

Data can be found in terms of goals for and goals against; games won, games lost, and games drawn; shots on goal, the number of corners, goal scorers, etc. The list seems almost endless. However, in knowing how to apply the statistics you gather to the Premier League, you must be aware of certain things.

You must understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the teams. You’ll notice that some teams are prolific goal scorers while some base their success on not giving goals away. This can help you to wager on how many goals a team will score or concede, and which players are more likely to be top scorers.

As the season progresses, the amount of useful data you can collect steadily rises, hey have reviewed the best sportsbooks for players in the USA and listed them all on one page to check games and players stats.

The Premier League is one of the busiest in the world, and the Christmas period, when there are a plethora of games scheduled, presents a super opportunity to place multiple bets.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the transfer windows. As players change clubs, a whole new range of betting options come into view and change situations. Of course, it’s not only players that change clubs; so too, do football club managers. This can turn the fortunes of teams enormously, providing exciting new gambling opportunities.

Arbitrage Betting – what it means and how to apply it

Arbitrage betting is also known as miracle-bets, sure-bets, or arbs for short. This type of bet basically means comparing the odds that are being offered for the same game or event, across various bookmakers or betting sites. Such is the popularity of the Premier League that you will find there are numerous different odds to be found out there.

Although you have to do your research well, what it means is that you can locate varying odds that minimise or nullify the risk of losing, and get better returns for your stake money.

The one thing you will want to avoid though is being “gubbed.” This is betting jargon meaning that a bookie or a website has decided that your account is not profitable enough for them. This can happen if you are not taking them up on the offers that they make to you, and in consequence, they remove your right to be offered free bets.

Challenge Betting

Challenge betting is basically like an accumulator bet. In essence, you start off with one small stake – say £10 or £20. If your first bet fails, you lose. If it wins, however, the stake and the winnings are then put on the next wager and so on, until a bet fails (in which case you lose everything, or you reach the end of your challenge and scoop all of the winnings.

The good thing about this is that you only ever stand to lose your original stake money. Any other winnings you might have accumulated on the way were only accumulated in theory, so in effect, you don’t miss what you never had.

If you’d like an in-depth explanation of challenge betting in all of its different forms, please click here.

Some people are better at researching and forming strategies than others, so the way to ensure that you enjoy your betting and get the most fun out of it, is to bet responsibly.