Top 10 Most Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends of EPL Players

Top 10 Most Beautiful Wives and Girlfriends of EPL Players

Edurne García Almagro, the girlfriend of goalkeeper David de Gea

David de Gea’s girlfriend is very popular in Spain. She became known to the general public at the end of 2005 during her participation in the talent show “Operación Triunfo” on Telecinco channel. Edurne Garcia runs a television show, sings beautifully, and often acts in photo shoots for men’s magazines. The girl even represented Spain at Eurovision 2015 but took only 21st place in the finals.

David and Edurne have been together for a long time; they have gone through thick and thin and a lot of struggles down the road. Even the sex scandal involving the goalkeeper of Manchester United before Euro 2016 was not able to destroy their relationship. The girl is older than the goalkeeper of Manchester United for five years, but this does not greatly bother the couple to harmoniously complement each other and constantly appear in public together. Apparently, the girl shares her husband’s love for football. This summer, during The FIFA World Cup 2018, the Spanish singer supported the Spanish national team with a dance. The goalkeeper’s girlfriend decorated the face with a national flag and danced in front of the camera.

Coleen Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s Wife

English striker Wayne Rooney has a very popular wife, a real business woman. Coleen is a successful and well-known journalist, presenter, model, designer, and even a writer. How does she keep track of all of these things? She even recently recorded an exercise DVD about how to maintain a good figure.

Rooneys got married in 2008 in Italy, and after the ceremony, she celebrated another event on the yacht for a week. They say that without the money of her husband’s personal fortune, Coleen’s worth is estimated at 13 million pounds. Therefore, even if Wayne won’t have something else to do after his football career, Coleen will take care of it. February 15, 2018, was born the fourth child of the couple, a boy named Kas. The couple already raises a 9-year-old Kai, a 5-year-old Clay and a 2-year-old Keith. The fourth pregnancy was quite hard-won for Colin. During it she learned the unfavourable news about her husband who was arrested for drunk driving, with another girl sitting next to him in the car. Wayne tried to justify himself, but few believed him, as he had previously been taken in adultery. But Colin reacted to the husband’s faults in good part, and just a few weeks after the incident, she began to publish a photo with him as if nothing had happened.

Sam Cooke, the girlfriend of defender Chris Smalling

Sam Cooke is a typical girlfriend of a football player. She has long worked as a model, and she loves to take photographs of herself. In her free time, she takes a lot of selfies, food photos, and walks with her dogs. She loves animals very much and tries not to miss an opportunity to play with them. The centre back of Manchester United and the national team of England Chris Smalling wasn’t on the final bid of the British team for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Nevertheless, the 28-year-old has no time to respond, because his stunning wife, famous English fashion model Sam Cooke, is next to him. According to the player’s interviews, Sam supports him always and in everything.

Dencia, the girlfriend of midfielder Paul Pogba

The companion of the most expensive football player on the planet is called Dencia. She is a Nigerian-Cameroonian hip-hop diva, though not very popular outside Africa. The girl is famous for her love for bright and defiant images in the style of Lady Gaga. Some years ago the couple was even embroiled in a sex scandal. Hotel guests in Manchester, where Pogba lives, complained about the sounds of a sexual nature, which came from the number of a football player for a week. Eyewitnesses said that Dencia came to Paul and they did not let their neighbours sleep for a whole week. Fans of the singer all dream to see the girl on the podium with Paul by her side. Maybe she will come for a game at some point? All of the girls on this list are beautiful, so you’re probably saying to yourself, I need a woman to marry. Well, don’t get upset; visit the site and meet women right now!

Candy Fleur, Daley Blind’s girlfriend

Daley Blind’s girlfriend is an unusual fashion model called Candy Fleur. Her legs were even called “the most perfect” by one of UK tabloids. Why is she unusual? Unlike the rest of the footballers’ WAGs, Candy does not boast about her life and behaves very modestly. Now the couple is very happy. And how else, if you have such a beautiful wife as Candy and the husband as handsome as Daley Blind.

Lorelei Taron, the wife of Radamel Falcao

Radamel met Lorelei in an evangelical church. At first, they were just friends. But then the player realized that Lorelei was the love of his life. Lorelei appreciated his beauty at once, she told us that her secret is to use amazon vitamin c serum. But now she understands that the husband’s trump card is a pure and kind heart. On August 13, 2013, she gave the football player a daughter named Dominica who is being currently raised by the couple.

Toni Poole, the wife of John Terry

John Terry’s wife can rightfully call herself a heroine mother. Let’s just admit it straight away – John loves himself some cheating. With John, the girl had to go through a bunch of scandals, but she still remained faithful to him. Now former quarterback of “Chelsea” and England national team John Terry refused to go to “Spartak”, despite a serious offer from the Moscow club and prior consent. The 37-year-old free agent decided not to leave England for the sake of his family – the spouses Tony and 12-year-old twins.

Ludmila Emboaba, the wife of midfielder Oscar

Oscar met his future wife while he was still at school. The girl immediately caught a young football player’s eye, and he decided to go for her. At first, Ludmila did not reciprocate the Brazilian, but the persistent guy still got his way. As an honest man, after school, Oscar decided to marry Lyudmila, and in 2011 the couple played a wedding. In 2014, Oscar and Lyudmila had a daughter named Julia. Now the couple is raising a child and shares photos of their happy family in the network.

Olga Dyachenko, the girlfriend of midfielder John Obi Mikel

Olga graduated from a European business school in London, founded the fashion brand Alegre de Lago, and she lives with the Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel – and thus far, their life has been a success. The girl has a very wealthy father, but she is used to earning money herself, for example, working as a model. They started dating in January 2014, and in September of the same year, Olga announced their engagement in social networks, which attracted the anger of the Nigerian girls who apparently dreamed about getting married to the football player. Two years ago, twins Mia and Ava were born and currently, the couple enjoys their happy family life.

Gemma Acton, the wife of Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill, unlike most players, has a rather simple spouse. Gemma does not work as a model, does not act in films, and she did not even participate in beauty contests. The girl is very attractive nonetheless. Gemma and Cahill have been married since 2013. They dated for a long time before getting married. Gemma and Gary have two beautiful children – the son Leo and the daughter Freya. The player even skipped a play to be present at his son’s birth. The couple doesn’t like publicity, so they aren’t active users of social media, wishing to keep the private life in secret.