Top 10 Hottest Premier League WAGs

Top 10 Hottest Premier League WAGs

Have you ever wondered which Premier League club has the prettiest wives and girlfriends? It’s actually hard to make a choice, as all of them are gorgeous. Meet ten hottest WAGs of the Premier League footballers.

10) Annie Kilner, Kyle Walker’s girlfriend

Despite the looks of a typical footballer’s companion, Annie doesn’t even have an Instagram account, with sexy swimsuit pics and other attributes. The girl prefers keeping the details of her personal life away from the fans and always appears in public only together with Kyle and kids. That’s why the only chance to see her is to follow all Manchester City matches.

9) Jena Frumes, Jesse Lingard’s girlfriend

It’s been almost a year since Jena and Jesse got together, but their romance is developing rapidly. Jena’s passion is travelling, and she never misses a chance to follow her boyfriend wherever his club or national team takes him. The girl is pretty popular on Instagram.

8) Daniella Semaan, Cesc Fabregas’s wife

This couple’s love story is rather unusual. Fabregas basically “stole” this Lebanese beauty from her then-husband Elie Taktouk when the couple already had two kids! At that time Daniella was 36, twelve years older than her new crush! Elie had a hard time surviving a breakup.

7) Ruby Mae, Dele Alli’s girlfriend

One of the most prominent players of the League has recently begun dating a popular British model. The couple is often apart because of Ruby’s work, but despite her busy schedule, the girl always tries to cheer her loved one up before matches.

6) Rebecca Vardy, Jamie Vardy’s wife

Rebecca is a true example of devotion because love stories like hers happen rarely. In a nutshell, yesterday, Vardy was almost an amateur player, and today, he’s a star of English football and the national football team’s forward. And Becky has been by his side all this time no matter what. This girl isn’t easy to scare with life difficulties.

5) Sam Cooke, Chris Smalling’s wife

Sam is known not only as Manchester United defender’s wife but also as a successful British model. And looks like hot lingerie photo shoots are her speciality. Sam’s so good that she’s often called one of the sexiest women in the United Kingdom.

4) Jennifer Giroud, Olivier Giroud’s wife

Jennifer married the world-famous French footballer in 2011, and before that, they’d been dating for a few years. The couple has two lovely kids: a daughter, Jade (born in 2013) and a son, Evan (born in 2016). At the moment, Jennifer and Olivier are waiting for their third child. Although it’s easy to spot the two hanging out in some public place, they never say much about their family life.

3) Sarah Kohan, Javier Hernandez’s girlfriend

Sarah’s pretty face and perfect body (and her hot pics on Instagram, of course) attract a lot of attention, so it’s not surprising that her modelling career is going great. And now the girl is also known as West Ham’s fan because she’s dating its forward Chicharito.

2) Stacey Murray, Glenn Murray’s wife

Glenn married Stacey in June 2014, and since then, the couple has already welcomed two children: a daughter, Alba and a son, Harley. But this didn’t stop Glenn from pushing forward. Since January 2017, he’s been back playing for Brighton. He probably shared a bit of his happiness and luck with the club because it was promoted to the Premier League for the first time ever. He’s showing nice results in competitions.

1) Annabel Peyton, Jack Butland’s fiancée

Stoke City and England national football team goalkeeper proposed to his girlfriend right before the World Cup 2018. Annabel is an air hostess. This happened during a weekend in Italy. This year would’ve been perfect for Butland. Such a shame Stoke City was knocked out of the Premier League.