The Most Epic Football Bets of all Time

The Most Epic Football Bets of all Time

Football is capable of producing extreme emotions. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, the beautiful game has it all. Throw a bit of money on a match, and these emotions are amplified even further! Here we present some of the most epic football bets of all time, and if you go online you could find sites with a very interesting feature to make bets online. The gamblers on this list might not all have nabbed the top prize, but they all walked away with unbelievable stories to tell.

2016 Euro Millionaire

British punter Daman Chick bet £5 on Eder to score the winning goal for Portugal over France. The Portuguese player scored the winner in the 109th minute after coming on late in the second half. Fortunately for Daman, his bet came under Betvictors £1 million Goal Comp, and the lucky punter become an instant millionaire! There are few places where such a small outlay can result in such a massive winning. One alternative is jackpot slots, and Slotsadviser can point you in the direction of some top options in that regard.

30p Becomes Half a Million

This one might not be the biggest prize of all time, but it must be one of the best bets. In 2000, one anonymous fan placed a 30p bet before the season began on a 15 match accumulator. This budding fortune-teller correctly picked the winners of:

  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • 3 Scottish Leagues
  • 5 English Leagues
  • The Champions League

This gave him odds of 1.66 million to one, which turned 30p into almost £500,000!

Gambler just misses out on £1 million

A Welsh pensioner from Pembroke came within a hair’s breadth of turning a £1 bet into £1 million. Over one weekend he correctly picked 14 from 15 matches and only needed the Red Devils to prevail over Liverpool. Sadly he was denied ultimate victory, but it wasn’t all bad news. This lucky pensioner still managed to collect £72,000, so it wasn’t a bad weekend by any gambler’s standards.

Final words

These three bets go to show that you don’t need to splash the cash to pick up some huge rewards. Despite the small bet size, each gambler here walked away with a substantial wedge of cash as well as a fantastic story to tell their grandkids. It goes to show what is possible when the picks are good and a bit of luck is thrown into the mix.