The rise of attendance at Premier League grounds

The rise of attendance at Premier League grounds

The Premier Leauge this season is having a tremendous start in terms of attendance, this seasons average attendance from fans in the Premier League is already considered to be one of the highest in the last five years.

SeatPick a ticket comparison site that helps fans compare tickets from multiple sites has conducted an extensive study on foreign travellers to Premier League matches and measured what is the influence of the ticket prices compared to the reported attendance, search volumes and the demographics of the fans that are attending the Premier Leauge.

SeatPick found that out of the top 5 leagues, the Premier League is having the highest attendance growth out of all the major European leagues, even though Premier League tickets are also the highest in Europe with an average of ~£225 per ticket with Liverpool tickets being the most expensive with an average of 575 pounds on the resale market.
So far there has been an increase of approximately 7% in the total attendance per match in the Premier Leauge as opposed to last seasons average attendance.

The rise in attendance can be credited to the substantial surge of international sports travel, globalization and interest from new crowds eager to catch 1-2 games of top Premier Leauge football in a single weekend.

In addition, the contribution of the diminishing costs of accommodation and travel-related expenses while fans travel to top travel destinations in the UK such as London, and Manchester.

Additionally, the popularity of the Premier League globally is attracting new crowds, the numbers show that there is a tremendous increase of fans travelling from countries such as the US, China and India where football is gaining a surge in interest and popularity.

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The origin countries with the most fans travelling to watch a Premier League football match are:

1) USA
2) China
3) India
4) Sweden
5) France

Each team has it’s own nuances when it comes to the origin of the fans that travel, Chelsea for instance, attracts More US fans than any other team, Manchester United is the most dominant in the Asain market,
Arsenal attracts more fans from France, most plausible a reminder of the influences of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal and large France crowd of followers. Liverpool is drawing a tremendous crowed from both Germany and Egypt, its a testament to the popularity of Jurgen Klopp and Mohamed Salah.

The most expensive teams in the Premier Leauge to this season are:

1) Liverpool
2) Manchester United
3) Chelsea
4) Manchester City
5) Tottenham Hotspur
6) Arsenal
7) Leicester City
8) Newcastle United
9) Brighton & Hove Albion
10) West Ham United

Gilad Zilberman, CEO at SeatPick said: “The attraction of London as a traveller’s magnet, coupled with the rise of Tottenham and their new stadium, Chelsea’s and Arsenal’s fight to get back at the top of the League and the investment that West Ham has made in recent years has solidified London and the Premier League as the best attraction in the UK, top that with the Manchester teams and Liverpool and you got yourself the ultimate sporting travel experience in the world of football today.”