How The Gambling Habits Of Football Fans Is Changing

How The Gambling Habits Of Football Fans Is Changing

Betting on football has changed over the years with punters preferring to bet online rather than visiting their local bookmakers. Smartphone apps have simplified the process of making wagers along with enabling new ways to place bets such as in-play betting. The millennial generation is starting to come of age where they can legally place bets but they are demanding different types of wagering options which I will talk about below. And don’t forget that for gambling-related news – is the most reliable source on the internet.

Buying Player Shares

The millennial generation has been brought up playing games like Football Manager and love the thrill of being able to build their teams. They are turning their backs on casino games even though Playamo claims to be the fair option with the best payout rates. Instead, they are using platforms such as Football Index to buy and sell a share in players. It means that they can build their teams and make a profit should the values of their squad increases. They will also lose money should the player be a flop so it mimics the real world and gives fans a chance to see if they can outperform their club or other fans.

Fantasy Football

Over the last decade, Fantasy Football has become one of the most popular pastimes of football fans and you will find hundreds of leagues to take part in online which all have huge prizes attached. It works buy punters choosing a team using a set budget available and then the points scored by the players chosen are used as a scoring system. It means that fans can start their leagues with friends or rival fans to see which one picked the best combination of players. If you are into betting on football, then check out the best options you have over at

Player Vs. Player Football Betting

The next generation of football gamblers prefers to bet against other players rather than a centralized bookmaker. It makes it more fun been able to bet against rival fans or friends plus it helps to increase the odds available as they are based on emotion rather than statistics and probability. New decentralized platforms such as YOUnited and ZenSports are taking this to the next level by using cryptocurrency to create a new ecosystem that rewards those that take-part so in 2020 expect to see vast growth in this niche sector.

Final Thoughts

Traditional online bookmakers are going to have to adapt to the times if they are going to continue to grow and survive. New technology such as the blockchain is a serious threat to the established players in the sector as decentralization could play a prominent role in shaping the future of gambling. The trends show that the new generation wants opportunities to put their skills to the test and not rely on pure luck to win a wager so see more platforms offer options to buy shares in players along with having fantasy leagues attached to cater to this demand. With new platforms designed on rewarding the community rather than a centralized owner, the sector will become more community-oriented which should help to stop rogue operators from scamming fans.