Betting Regulations in the Premier League

Betting Regulations in the Premier League

Betting regulations are there to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of gambling, but footballers, famously, often refuse to follow the rules.

Here, we look at some of the ways they have tried to get around gambling restrictions.

Family members…

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Family members placing bets for you is all well and good, as long as you actually know about it! Daniel Sturridge was caught in a serious crossfire back in 2018.

The story goes a little something like this: One of Sturridge’s cousins allegedly placed a large sum of money on the transfer to Inter happening.

However, he wasn’t as flush – or as brave – as he probably fancied himself to be, so he asked another family member to share the stake with him.

After the deal collapsed, though, the trust in the agreement apparently broke down too. When the cousin went to recoup some of his losses by asking for his relative to pay him his share of the stake, proof was demanded of exactly how much had been wagered.

He contacted Paddy Power to request written confirmation, which raised suspicions and blew the whole thing open.

It is important to stress that those particular allegations were never proved, but an FA commission were able to prove two more – with the striker banned for two weeks and fined £75,000 for instructing his bother Leon to bet on a possible move to Sevilla. That move never happened either.

Splash the cash…

One way to get around the regulations is to simply deal with cash. That was what Michael Chropra, the former Newcastle, Cardiff, Ipswich, and Sunderland striker did.

“Players would gamble on the bus and I got involved. We would take thousands of pounds on to the bus, anything up to £30,000.

“It might change hands playing cards on the bus, we would go to the bank before and take out the money. It was part of team bonding. We were playing for real cash, if you were playing for £30,000 you would have it with you at the time.”

That’s probably pretty good when you are winning, but doesn’t sound much fun when you’re losing. Chopra takes up the tale…

“I had loan sharks turning up at the training ground when I was at Ipswich. They came up to me and asked me for my autograph and said I better get myself into the club and get that money now.

“They said they knew what car I was driving and they would follow me until I paid them.

“They said they knew what school my little boy went to and where my parents lived and where I lived in Ipswich. I felt sick that I had put my family in that situation from my gambling.”

Find yourself a Joey Barton…

Barton’s playing career was effectively ended by an enormous ban following some frank honesty over a large number of bets he placed. They were bets on his club, but not in matches in which he played.

That wasn’t enough to save himself from a huge punishment, but he went out with a warning about how many footballers are dodging the regulations.

The former Manchester City, Newcastle, and Rangers man claim that 50% of players bet through family members, accounts in their own names, and indeed many teammates have asked him to place their best for him on his account.