Soccer Teams That Have the Biggest Social Media Fan Base in 2020

Soccer Teams That Have the Biggest Social Media Fan Base in 2020

Soccer is the biggest sport there is in the world right now. You can even tell by how popular soccer-themed slot games are getting popular at usa casino and other sites worldwide. Another undisputable scenario can be that from social media platforms. The good part of this tech innovation is that you can get to do these statists by the number of people who follow and like a particular soccer team.

Here are some of the results of the surveys done to determine the most popular soccer teams. This research was done according to the number of followers a particular team has on their different social media platforms.

Real Madrid

This Spanish football team has a total of 222 million supporters across all social media platforms, of these, 110 million are from Facebook, 78.9 million from Instagram, 33 million from Twitter and over 5 million from YouTube. On YouTube, it is difficult ho get likes as compare to followers. According to a survey, people follow the page but hardly like the Videos, but some people also check how much likes are their on the video, for those the best option is youtube likes kaufen, which helps you to increase your YouTube likes.

Players have come and gone this outstanding team. Clearly, the fans have not gone anywhere. After all the team have 13 Champion league wins and 33 in La Liga.

FC Barcelona

This Spanish football club has quite a number of trophies in their name as well. They have won the Champions League 5 times, the Spanish Super Cup 13 times, 30 Copa Del Rey titles and 26 La Liga wins.

In turn, this has led to the team having over 219 million followers an all social media platforms combined. Of those supporters, 103 million are from Facebook, 77.7 million on Facebook, 30.9 million from Twitter and over 8 million from YouTube.

Manchester United FC

According to casinoza casino – best south african online casino sports blog, known as the red devils, this team has a total of 126.98 million followers from all social media platforms. About 73 million are from Facebook, 31.6 million are from Instagram, 20.3 million are Twitter fans and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

The team has set the record by winning the Premier League 20 times. Also, they have won 3 Championship tournaments and so many more wins in the FA and UEFA League Cups.