Liverpool is Back Up and Running


We are all quite happy that football has once again returned after an interminably long hiatus. While things are still far from normal, the fact of the matter is that we can once again watch our favourite teams to battle against one another. This is also the reason why we are wondering what the remainder of the season may have in store for well-known clubs such as Liverpool. What can we divulge from their recent win over Aston Villa and could this possibly be a sign of things to come? Let us take a rather conservative approach when answering each of these two questions in order to understand the bigger picture.

The Comeback Kids

Liverpool has dealt with a significant number of extraneous frustrations in recent times and many of these have been uttered from the mouths of critics. This is quite normal when we consider that the team recently walked away with their first title in three decades. In other words, the doubters are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Their worries seemed to gain a bit of ground after Liverpool’s crushing 4-0 loss against Manchester City. Perhaps the players themselves had become slightly complacent.

These fears were quickly deflated after their 2-0 win over Aston Villa. While the game was far from perfect, the players themselves still performed up to par. This is likely exactly what management is looking for. They are well aware of the fact that a long road leads to any additional championship and things are far from certain.

The Next Centurions?

Liverpool has accomplished some impressive feats in recent times. This is why a growing number of Premier League betting odds are increasingly in their favour. However, we also need to look at such momentum from a medium-term point of view. There are very real chances that Liverpool could become the second club to score more than 100 points in a single season (this honour went to Manchester City during their 2017-2018 season). Although some might consider this to be quite a lofty goal, it is important to remember that such a benchmark will help to keep the team motivated when the going gets tough.

Another reason why Liverpool could be in for a stellar season involves the fact that they have a sizeable number of younger players; particularly names such as Curtis Jones. This youthful element should help to energise veteran players and in return, the newer elements will be provided with guidance by those with more experience. This could result in a winning formula throughout the remainder of the season.

However, nothing is for certain in this day and age. We need to wonder what impact recent restrictions have had upon physical levels of performance as well as the emotional states of the players themselves. This is why it is wise to take a more circumspect approach without creating unrealistic goals for the team at the moment. Football is an unpredictable sport and this season should once again prove such an undeniable point.


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