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Top 5 Premier League Shocks

Football is returning all over the country, and fans are now looking forward to being able to support their teams once again. Although stadiums around the world are not currently welcoming fans, matches are still available to watch on TV, and sites like Olybet are offering betting tips for fans to get involved in the action. It’s always interesting to remember some of the shocking moments in the premier league – whether that’s a shock club signing or a result that nobody would ever have predicted. We have put together five of the biggest shocks that happened to our premier league teams, to remind you of just how surprising our wonderful sport can be.

January 2003 – Shrewsbury v Everton

On paper, this match should have been won by Everton without a shadow of a doubt. However, that’s not how things played out. Instead, Nigel Jemson secured a win for Shrewsbury with just two minutes remaining of the second half, meaning that Everton were down 2-1 when the final whistle blew. To this day, it remains one of David Moyes’ lowest points in his career.

Burnley in 2017-18

There are some teams that you expect to do really well in the league, and some that you don’t expect as much from. Despite barely anybody having high hopes for Burnley in the season of 2017-18, they successfully qualified for the Europa League, under the management of Sean Dyche. The team stood strong through the season and showed thousands of supporters from all over the country that you should never rule out the underdogs.

Tevez’ move to rival City

When Carlos Tevez was playing for Manchester United it seemed unthinkable that he would ever be seen in another team’s colours – never mind those of United’s very closest rival. Yet, in 2009, the unexpected happened when Tevez was transferred to Manchester City for a fee of £25.5 million. This was particularly shocking as Tevez had a huge rapport with his fans at United, however, you can be sure that he made his mark at City as he helped them to cement themselves as real big players within the league.

Arsene Wenger Parting Ways with Arsenal

Arsene Wenger held the manager’s job at Arsenal for 22 years, making it incredibly difficult to ever think of anyone else doing the job. However, in the 2017-18 season, things started to change, with fans being adamant that now was the time for a new manager to take the helm. Shockingly, it was announced that Wenger had indeed made the decision to break his final contract with the team, and they parted ways. Even though the past few years had been tough, it still seemed unreal that the manager and club would ever actually part ways – yet it happened.

Burnley v Lincoln City – 2017

It’s always shocking when a non-premier league side manage to beat one of the teams in the league, and that’s exactly what happened in the 2017 fixture between Burnley and Lincoln City. While it might not be the most exciting tie that was ever announced, you would still expect Burnley to walk it, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the match ended 1-0 to Lincoln City, helping them to make it through to the sixth round of the cup. If Burnley thought they’d drawn an easy team to see them through to the next round, they were sorely mistaken!

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