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Five Transfer Windows We Would Love to See Happen

Do you sometimes wish you were your favorite English Premier League team’s owner? You could bid and let go of players as you please? We feel exactly the same. For now, we can only wish that these five transfers will happen.

David Alaba

At the moment David Alaba is hot, very hot. It makes a lot of sense as he is having an incredible season. The Austrian footballer has had an incredible season at Bayern Münich and a lot of attention is on him, even from the UK. Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea are all considering a bid for the 28-year-old center-back. This especially after negotiations for his transfer in the preseason went nowhere.

Christian Eriksen to Arsenal

The Danish footballer is still stuck at Inter Milan but that could change soon as the 28-year-old midfielder is set to move to Arsenal if the transfer can happen in time. The gunners would love to have him as a sort of replacement for Mesut Özil. He has a similar playing style to the German midfielder that helped them win so many matches. Arsenal are eager to find a new lead in the middle as they have had lackluster performance since Özil left. Eriksen seems like one of the more suitable candidates and they will try their best to get him as soon as possible.

James Tarkowski to Leicester or West Hamm

Tarkowski is on his last 18 months at Premier League club Burnley. The center back is being eyed by Leicester and West Hamm before his contract ends. There are reports that one or two other teams are looking at him but we expect that he would more than likely head to West Hamm. Other football teams probably don’t want to show their hand just yet. Like a game of poker for who gets the player, we enjoy playing at

Adama Traore to Leeds 

The young Traore is comfortable at the Wolves but he is already being eyed by Leeds who plans to nurture the winger and make him stronger. Leeds already expects to have him during the January transfer window. The transfer rumors are fresh as ever and the transfer to a bigger side such as Leeds will be an integral move to the young 24-year-olds career. The Spanish player will probably be in the English Premier League for many years to come if the transfer does happen.

Moises Caicedo to Brighton

Brighton are one step away from procuring the Ecuadorian player after Man United left him on the table. It seems that if United won’t take the 19-year old midfielder it will be a big gain for Brighton who desperately needs some new players in the side. It is rumored that Chelsea were also seriously eyeing the young footballer but more than likely will bow out of the race to Brighton. This brings with it an exciting future for Caicedo and Brighton as their future will probably last a few years and possibly a decade together.

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