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Check Out Drafthound This Summer!

About Drafthound?

If you’re not familiar with what the guys at Drafthound do, let me explain. Drafthound is a stats-based site that deals primarily with the official Premier League fantasy football game. These guys provide in-depth FPL tips and probabilities for every single gameweek of the season. There is evidence to back up every decision that Drafthound recommends, whether it’s a straightforward choice or a complete curveball that you may not have thought of yourself.

That’s not all, though. There’s a fantasy football competition for the upcoming European Championship. You can get involved at Drafthound. Read on!

With the Premier League finished for the summer, Drafthound has now turned its attention to the Euros, in collaboration with FanTeam. You now have the chance to use your fantasy football know-how for potential financial gain!

How Can Drafthound Help You With Your Fantasy Football Game?

Drafthound takes a deep-dive into statistics regarding matches, teams, players, and more. A quick tour of the site shows you that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the FPL. Drafthound works closely with various bookmakers’ odds so you can get the most accurately predicted probabilities of many factors before an FPL gameweek. Some examples are the odds of specific players scoring in the next round, the odds of any team winning their upcoming game, the odds of all matches having over or under 2.5 goals scored, and the odds of a team keeping a clean sheet.

The ‘Predictions’ section is based on a proven machine-learning algorithm that can accurately predict future outcomes based on previous games. They are updated every gameweek to take the most recent results into consideration.

In the ‘Fixture Analysis’ area of Drafthound, you can have a quick scan at all 20 Premier League teams’ upcoming games. The perceived difficulty of each fixture is highlighted via colour codes, allowing you to make decisions on who to select, sign, drop, or sell! The probability of each team winning those fixtures is also easily visible in this section.

Overall, the Drafthound site has a very user-friendly setup that makes it simple to view all the different tools at your fingertips.

There are also some in-depth guides available to tell you exactly how to use the site to its full potential. Just a couple of minutes reading through those and you will be ready to use Drafthound and take on the FPL world!

Games to Keep Football Fans Busy This Summer

It’s time for the Euros so be sure to check out the FanTeam competition via Drafthound!

You will get access to what is the best fantasy sports game for fans who want to turn their football nous into cash prizes.

It’s always nice to have a major international tournament to pass those summer months until the FPL starts back in August. Well, imagine how much fun you can have trying to win cash during this season’s Euros.

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