Some frequently asked questions are answered below. We will update this page regularly.

1. How Do I Join?
2. I’ve forgotten my password

Click on the link provided (below) and then click on the “Forgot Password?” link >>> Lost Password Screen <<<

3. How do I get a profile pic?

Please visit http://www.gravatar.com and set up a global avatar (profile pic). Ensure you use the same email address that you have used to sign up with at EPL Index.

4. I’ve been charged twice by Paypal

If you’ve been charged twice by Paypal please log in to your paypal account and check if there are two subscriptions for EPL Index. Please cancel one of these and then go to our Contact Us page and email us on our subscriptions email address so that we can provide a refund. Please provide a screen print in the email of the two separate subscriptions.

5. How do I add smileys to my comments or blog posts?

Please visit WordPress.Org for full details on what to type to incorporate these.

6. Do you have any definitions for attributes from the Stats Centre?

Please visit Opta ‘s Football Action Definitions for full details on definitions of the statistics.

7. How do I bet on football fixtures?

After you’ve joined the EPL Index, you will be able to enjoy all the features we have to offer. For a large percentage of our online subscribers, not only do they have a keen interest in football as a whole, they also have an appetite for betting on the most recent fixtures. If you’re familiar to sports betting, it’s more than likely you will know exactly how to bet on football fixtures. If you don’t understand the ins and outs of betting, then we would like to point out that Betway make sports betting relatively straight forward and easy to understand.