Internet Explorer users

Internet Explorer and EPL Index

Currently EPL Index is not optimised for Internet Explorer.  If you are using Internet Explorer, please use the latest version.  It is always best practice to use the latest version of your browser, both from a security point and user experience.

Even if you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, the site does not display and work as well as other browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

This is mainly because Internet Explorer does not take advantage of the latest web technology as well as other browsers do.  If you are able to use another browser – please do so.

Sticking with Internet Explorer?

If you are unable to use a different browser to use the site, for instance if you use it at work and they force Internet Explorer on their workers, we are working on a dedicated Internet Explorer version – but it will only support the latest version of Internet Explorer.  We will not support any older versions of Internet Explorer.

Even if, for some reason you love Internet Explorer (we are all different!), we are working on the issue and it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Many internet users are new internet users, every PC comes automatically installed with Internet Explorer – with only a few vendors allowing users the choice at first start-up.  So part of the problem is awareness, a lot of internet users simply do not know that there are far better browsers out there that give a much better experience, firstly from a user point of view and secondly the other browsers do not make your computer go anywhere near as slow – there are many other reasons which are well documented.

Internet Explorer 6

If you are using Internet Explorer 6, please update this as soon as possible.  Microsoft have discontinued support for Internet Explorer 6 as it is now 10 years old and uses very old technology, the site will display very poorly in this version. Microsoft have an ongoing campaign to get users to update their version of Internet Exploer by the end of 2012, they have a special website for it called IE6 Countdown.  Currently 7% of the world’s internet users are still using a 10+ year old browser and in turn are having a very bad Internet experience – don’t be one of them!

Download links for alternative Browsers

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and use of EPL Index – we hope you enjoy using the site for many years to come!