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After over two years and a half years of providing Stats Centre access to subscribers it is unfortunate that we must announce that the Stats Centre will be closing before the start of the 2013/14 Premier League season.

Stats Centre

Paying subscribers do not have to worry as we will be refunding annual subscribers over the course of the next two weeks and also cancelling the monthly subscriptions – if you’ve just paid your monthly subscription we will also be refunding these. Annual subscribers will be refunded pro-rata.


There are now new rules and regulations that must be adhered to after Opta became the official stats provider for the Premier League and these rules are set by Football Data Co. The rule changes are detailed below:


1. We are not allowed to supply for subscription services under our deal.

2. We can only have permitted resellers and the Press Association is the exclusive reseller in the UK. EPL Index’s commercial set up is in breach of that.

Opta Sports Ltd


We had discussed adding a brand new Free Live area for all of our visitors however now that an entire income stream has been removed from the site we will not be able to provide this until we can source new income avenues for


We were notified on Monday evening (yes this Monday) and have been in discussions since, to which an agreement to continue was finalised yesterday, therefore the poor timing of this announcement is something that was totally out of our control and we assure you that our only aim is to be as fair as possible to our loyal subscribers.

Please note that Opta were also notified very recently of this change and they were also put in a difficult position and our relationship continues through EPL Index with a change in the agreement on use of Opta Stats.

For subscribers that are entitled to a refund – we aim to process these before the start of the season but please be patient with us as we’ll have to go each subscription one by one to do this.


Apart from the removal of subscriber access to the Stats Centre there are also a few other rule changes have been confirmed for the contributors of the site.

  • Writers cannot use the stats displayed in the Stats Centre for personal use. An article can only be published on a contributor’s blog if it has been published on first.
  • Writers are unable to use the stats for distribution on their Twitter or Facebook accounts unless the stats are from an article published on EPL Index or tweeted by a member of the EPL Index Twitter account family (we have multiple “Index” accounts).


Over the coming months we’ll be announcing a very exciting addition to that you’ll all be wanting to be a part of! AND it’ll be totally free! More to come on this over the next month or so.

We’re also kicking off a Podcast: The EPL Round Table featuring some of the most popular Twitter fan accounts from each Premier League club (contact us if you wish to be involved)! So look out for that before the season starts as it should be fun.

Oh and the updated Tactics Board should be live in the next few weeks too.

We’d also like to take this time to thank all of the subscribers, contributors, followers on social networks and contributors for their support in the last two and a half years. We’ve really grown massively in the last two years so a huge thank you to all the freelancers that have also worked on the site in that time.

Despite this set back – we still have the drive and passion to continue to improve – rest assured we’re not going anywhere and we have plenty of writers that will be sharing match and season stats via articles throughout the coming season!

If you have any further questions you can leave a comment below or contact me directly on @EPLIndex on Twitter.