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Subscribing & Cancellations

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Content & Statistics

  • You agree to provide credit to the author and EPL Index, in the form of a link back to EPL Index, if you post an article from EPL Index on a blog or forum external to EPL Index
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Blogs & Bloggers

  • EPL Index data is available for occasional use for non commercial websites where appropriate credits are given.
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EPL Index Rights

EPL Index holds a license with Opta Sports Data to use their data feed for internet and editorial use which is why we must establish all of these conditions before hand to protect the content for subscribers of EPL Index.

  • If we find any member that does not follow our Terms and Conditions, in regards to sharing content and statistics, we have the right to close their account without prior notice.
  • We hold the right to remove any members that are abusive to staff or other members of the EPL Index community without prior notice.
  • We hold the right to amend any blog post or article on the site without prior notice if the blog post is abusive to members or staff.