Writing Instructions on EPLIndex.com

Writing Check List

The following document will help you to understand how to complete the following steps in creating a post. Please ensure all six steps are followed:

  1. Complete all post related fields as stated below
  2. Add become a reseller SEO detail
  3. Add correct categories
  4. Add tags
  5. Add Featured Image
  6. Set to Pending Review and email or tweet myself / other writers to review and publish.

Once you’ve been set up on EPLIndex.com and have been provided a password to login with the username that you chose, you will be able to follow the basic instructions below which will show you how to login and post an article. The instructions will also make it clear how to get the article to appear in certain areas of the site. Many experts recommended you read this blog and know about seo services.

Firstly; logging in. (I’m not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence here, just ensuring everyone is aware of how to get around the site).

1. You can login via the login widget that is display on the right hand side of the website around half way down the page. Shown in the image below:

2. Once logged in this widget changes to the following:

3. Clicking on the “Profile / Admin Pages” link will take you to the admin section of the site. Another way of reaching the admin pages is by clicking on the following menu in the top left hand corner of the website (when logged in) and choosing the “Dashboard” option:

4. Once you reach the admin pages, click on the “Posts” option in the left sidebar.

5. Clicking on posts will display another slide out menu as shown below. From here choose the “Add New” option.

6. Clicking on Add New will bring the Add New post screen as shown below:

  • Obviously you add a title, which must contain a “key word” this keyword is either a player, team or word that is prominent in your article or will be used. 
  • Adding images, text-formatting options etc are all available in the text editor.  The “Your Members” dialogue box on the left will have “Free” selected automatically and this can stay that way.
  • The “Your Members” box has the “Free” option ticked and this is fine. You can leave this as it is, as this will ensure that all can view your blog post.

7. Once you’ve completed the content of the post there is one more important aspect on the “Add New” post page and this is the SEO section shown below:

  • This is where the Focus Keyword Research service we mentioned for the title. Only one keyword can be entered here and it should match the keyword you’ve chosen for the article i.e. a player name, team or position etc.
  • Click on Generate SEO Title and ensure it’s within the allowed limit
  • Meta Description – enter the description of the article and what or whom it is about and drop the site name and your name into this area.

8.  Add categories to your post.

For an article to appear in the top slider it must be set to a category of Featured. I think everyone will use this category so it’s best if I control this category and choose which articles are to be featured on the top slider so please do not use the Featured category.

The categories are situated on the same “Add New Post” page and appear down the right hand side as shown below:

As a minimum you will need to select two categories, a team (the team you support) plus one other category placing it into a section: Match Preview, Match Report, Player Profile, Statistical Comparison, Opinion or News. Please only select one of these, as we do not want the posts appearing in many sections of the site so it should be one of these.

Once you select your team as a category your post will appear in the following area on the site and the latest six articles will appear here. This gives the site some customization.

There will be times where you feel you need to add two teams but we’d rather you stick to just adding the one team as a category as we don’t want your articles appearing in other teams areas unless there are relevant stats for the other side.

9. Post Tags: If you’re article mentions other teams too, you can add post tags by just typing in the teams short version i.e. MUFC, LFC, AFC, AVFC, NUFC etc. These will be shown in tag cloud on the front page and also be searchable on the site.

Separating with a comma will add separate tags and then click add. You can also tag with other key words such as passing, shooting, player names etc. Anything the post is about, add a tag.

10. Add featured imaged (must do this each time as site relies on thumbnails of this image]. Please ensure the image you choose is rectangular and is not square, as it will appear incorrectly in some sections of the site (front page slider).

Ensure the image you select does not have any text from another site. If you can find an image of a player outside of match play i.e. training or holding up scarf/shirt that would be ideal. The size of image should be around 476 x 250 / 500 x 250 / 600 x 300.

To add a featured image, click on the icon next to the Upload/Insert text highlighted below (on Add New Post page):

Once you have selected an image scroll down on the details page to see a link title “Use as featured image” as highlighted below. Click on this link to set the image you have chosen.

11. So have you completed your article? If so, it’s now best to leave it in the Pending Review status, allowing it to be proofread by a fellow fan or myself who will then publish it after reviewing it (this is where multiple writers per club come into play).

How do I get it to Pending Review? Click on the Edit button situated next to the Status: Draft text below (image below, on the left). Doing this will show a dropdown menu (image below, on the right), select Pending Review and click Ok, and then a “Save Pending” button will appear (in place of the Save Draft button) – click on this to save the post.

So in summary when you post, you must:

  1. Complete all post related fields as stated above
  2. Add SEO detail
  3. Add correct category
  4. Add tags
  5. Add Featured Image
  6. Set to Pending Review and email myself / other writers to review and publish.

Any further questions contact us on twitter @EPLIndex or email us at [email protected]