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St Johnstone 1-3 Celtic: A Thrilling Turnaround for Celtic’s Comeback!

In one of the most engaging games of this season, we witnessed the display of some remarkable soccer as Celtic rose to outshine St Johnstone in the Premiership battle that ended in a 3-1 win for Celtic. The charged match unfolded at McDiarmid Park on December 3rd, shaking up the chilly winter.

Celtic’s Turnaround After Initial Stumble

The scoring was opened by S5 Johnstone’s Jaiyesimi on the 40th minute, a lead carried into the half-time break. However, the sparks really started flying in the second half when McGregor, O’Riley (assisted by Furuhashi) and Forrest (assisted by wata) made exceptional comebacks for Celtic at 67′, 79′, and 93′ respectively.

Substitutions and On-Pitch Regulations

Both teams made strategic substitutions during the game which certainly played crucial roles. Sy Johnstone made changes with Kucheriavyi and Jaiyesimi making an exit for Turner-Cooke and Kane at the 74th minute, and Costelloe giving way to May in the 87th minute. Celtic, on the other hand, swapped Yang Hyun-Jun for Johnston in the 46′, Turnbull for Hyeon-Gyu in the 59′, Palma for Forrest at 80′ and Furuhashi for Iwata in the 85′.

Noteworthy Game Stats

The game was fulfilled with substantial asymmetry in ball possession which went in favour of Celtic with a staggering 70% to St Johnstone’s 30%. Celtic fired away with a total of 25 shots, 7 on goal, an aggressive show of firepower compared to St Johnstone’s moderate 5 shots, 3 on goal. Caution was meted out with a yellow card each for R. McGowan of ST Johnstone and Celtic’s Furuhashi.

Celebration of Firsts

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the game was the barrage of first goals of the season from both sides. Jaiyesimi of St Johnstone scored his first goal of the season and the Premiership, which was met with firsts from Celtic’s O’Riley, McGregor, and Forrest. It was a game that showcased young talents rising to the occasion and effectively seizing the chance.

This thrilling encounter between St Johnstone and Celtic calls an end on a note of suspense, anticipation, and celebrations for the Celtic fans. Can’t wait to see what the next Premiership game will bring!


The game between St Johnstone and Celtic showcased the determination and skill of both teams. Celtic’s strong attacking force, coupled with key goals from McGregor, O’Riley, and Forrest, secured their victory. Overall, it was an exciting match filled with goals, passionate performances, and connections between players from both teams.

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