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Rashford and United’s Plight: Keane and Carragher’s Perspective

Manchester United’s Woes: Keane and Carragher Assess the Situation

Roy Keane’s Blunt Assessment

Manchester United’s recent performances have been under intense scrutiny, and few are as candid in their critique as the club’s former captain, Roy Keane. His recent analysis on Sky Sports offers an unvarnished view of the team’s struggles. He states, “It looks ugly… The amount of goals [conceded], it’s not good.”

Rashford’s Performance: A Concern

Keane’s critique extends to individual players, notably Marcus Rashford. He comments on Rashford’s lackluster display: “Watching Marcus Rashford last night, that was an unacceptable performance.” Jamie Carragher also in the studio emphasised the unique pressure on local players like Rashford, noting, “As a local player, it’s your job to fix it and to drag other people up with you.”

Comparing Rashford to Martial

Carragher drew a worrying parallel between Rashford and Anthony Martial, suggesting a decline in Rashford’s commitment and impact. “Marcus Rashford is now looking like Anthony Martial,” he remarks, a comparison that implies a lack of care and effort which should be concerning for United fans.

The Expectation of Effort

Keane emphasises the fundamental expectation of effort from Manchester United players, especially from someone like Rashford. “You do not stop running for that badge,” he asserts, adding that Rashford’s current form lacks the necessary hunger and desire expected at United.

Leadership and Work Rate: The Man United Standard

Roy Keane reflects on the standards set by past United greats, highlighting the importance of work rate and leadership. “Giggs, Beckham, Sharpe… they ran, they’re bloody ran,” he recalls, stressing that current players, especially senior ones like Rashford, need to embody these values.


Keane’s analysis is a stark reminder of the high standards Manchester United has set over the years. His direct critique of Marcus Rashford and the team’s overall performance underscores a deep-seated concern for the club’s current direction. In a team known for its winning legacy, Keane’s words ring out as a call for a return to the fundamental principles of effort, commitment, and leadership.

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