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Goldbridge’s Take on Arsenal’s 4-3 Triumph

Arsenal’s Thrilling Victory Over Luton: A Tactical Analysis

Late Winner Keeps Arsenal on Top

In a breathtaking encounter, Arsenal snatched a late victory against Luton Town, with the game ending 4-3 in Arsenal’s favor. Mark Goldbridge, in his reaction to the match, highlighted the dramatic nature of the win, stating,

“absolutely unbelievable Arsenal late winner against Luton 4-3.”

This victory is significant for Arsenal in their title race, especially with Manchester City and Liverpool closely trailing.

Controversial Officiating and the Impact on the Title Race

Goldbridge didn’t shy away from criticizing the officiating, which could have significantly impacted the game’s outcome. He mentioned, “if this game had ended in a draw, I would have been doing this match reaction calling out more shocking officiating by the referees.” The potential penalty incident involving Gabriel and a Luton defender was a focal point of his critique. Goldbridge asserted, “it should have been a penalty and Arsenal very nearly [caught] dropping points because they didn’t get that.”

Arsenal’s Resilience and Title Credentials

The resilience Arsenal displayed was a key talking point. Goldbridge praised their ability to secure wins even on bad days, a trait often seen in title-winning teams. He reflected, “you win titles where you just have a bad day at the office against the team you should win against.” This ability to turn potential draws into wins could be pivotal in their quest for the title.

Goalkeeping Dilemma: Rey’s Performance Under Scrutiny

David Rey’s performance in goal for Arsenal was a significant concern. Goldbridge pointed out, “he’s cost Arsenal two goals tonight,” referring to Rey’s mistakes that led to Luton’s goals. Despite this, he argued against any immediate change in the goalkeeper position, emphasizing, “reyer is Mikel Arteta’s number one,” and suggesting that media speculation about Ramsdale replacing Rey is unfounded.

Tactical Imbalance with Ødegaard and Havertz

Goldbridge also touched upon Arsenal’s tactical setup, particularly the balance when Ødegaard and Havertz play together. He observed, “I still don’t think Arsenal look balanced when they have Ødegaard and Havertz in the team.” This imbalance, according to him, was evident against Luton and could be a concern in future matches.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Arsenal’s victory over Luton was more than just a thrilling match; it was a testament to their title aspirations and resilience. However, the concerns raised by Goldbridge, especially regarding officiating and tactical balance, are areas that Arsenal will need to address as they continue their pursuit of the Premier League title.

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