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Rangers 3-1 Dundee – Red Card Fails To Derail Rangers

The Rangers vs Dundee game, held at Ibrox Stadium, proved to be an exhilarating match that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Despite the challenging weather conditions, with light rain falling throughout the game, both teams displayed their skills and determination on the field. Rangers emerged victorious with a scoreline of 3-1, showcasing their dominance over the lower placed sides in the Scottish Premiership.

Game Highlights

Rangers displayed their offensive strength, dominating with 55% to 45% possession, taking 20 shots as opposed to Dundee’s 9. Despite being down a player, Rangers maintained their fierce stance throughout the game. Three notable elements of the game were the goals of James Tavernier, Abdallah Sima and Cyriel Dessers, who all marked their first goals of the season.

Goals and Glory

James Tavernier, the Rangers defender, kicked off the goal tally for the season, followed by teammate, midfielder Abdallah Sima. The coup de grace was delivered by Cyriel Dessers, 52 minutes after joining play, netting the third and final goal for Rangers. Dundee’s stalemate was broken by player Amadou Bakayoko, who scored 64 minutes after joining the game, Registrar his first goal of the season too.

Rangers’ Dominance in Past Games Against Dundee

Continuing their winning streak, Rangers have now emerged victorious in their last six games against Dundee. This impressive feat further solidifies their position as a formidable force in the Premiership. Dundee, on the other hand, displayed resilience and determination throughout the match, despite the final scoreline.

The Streak Continues

With this win, the Rangers prolonged their winning streak to six against Dundee. While Rangers employed a 4-2-3-1 formation for most of the game, Dundee utilized the more defensive-minded 3-5-2 formation. Despite the commendable efforts from Dundee, Rangers’ tactical acumen prevailed, resulting in a comprehensive win.

Post-Game Statistics

Stats reveal that in total, Rangers attempted 20 shots, with 9 on target. Dundee, on the other hand, took 9 shots with 3 on target. In terms of discipline, the Rangers were at the receiving end of a red card, while Dundee were shown three yellow cards. The Rangers’ goalkeeper performed two saves, while Dundee’s shot-stopper made five. Rangers commanded 82% passing accuracy compared to Dundee’s 77%.

In the end, despite Dundee’s spirited performance, Rangers emerged victorious, proving once again why they are considered the favourites in such encounters. With their resilience and tactical brilliance, they engineered a win against the odds, further elevating their stature in the Scottish Premiership.

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