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Dave Hendrick: Erik ten Hag’s Strategy Under Scrutiny

Analysing Manchester United’s Struggles Under Erik ten Hag: A Deep Dive

United’s Defensive Dilemmas

In a detailed examination of Manchester United’s current form, Dave Hendrick from The Two Footed Podcast scrutinises their defensive setup under Erik ten Hag. He specifically calls out the manager’s decision-making, stating, “I don’t know what goes on in Erik ten Haag’s head but he starts a game with Maguire and Luke Shaw as his centre-back pairing while having Raphael Varane on the bench.” This choice, according to Hendrick, significantly contributed to United’s disappointing 3-0 defeat to Bournemouth, underlining a broader issue of defensive instability under ten Hag’s regime.

Forward Line Frustrations

The podcast further delves into the issues plaguing Manchester United’s forward line. Hendrick observes a lack of effective attacking play. He remarks, “Anthony Martial somehow still getting games at United… I just don’t understand how he’s starting games.” This critique sheds light on the team’s struggle to effectively utilise their forwards, impacting their goal-scoring capabilities.

Evaluating Erik ten Hag

Hendrick’s critique extends to Erik ten Hag’s overall approach, questioning his tactical acumen and suitability for the role. He expresses skepticism about ten Hag’s ability to steer the team in the right direction, given the team’s negative goal differential and multiple league defeats. “This guy is not cut out for that job,” Hendrick states, pointing to a lack of clear tactical direction and ineffective player management.


Dave Hendrick’s insights on The Two Footed Podcast paint a vivid picture of Manchester United’s current plight under Erik ten Hag. The defensive issues, midfield mismanagement, forward line struggles, and ten Hag’s questionable leadership are highlighted as key factors in their underwhelming season.

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