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David Ornstein: Everton Takeover Nears FCA Nod

Prospective Everton Owners 777 Partners Gain Financial Conduct Authority Approval

Everton’s Takeover Journey: A Step Closer

“777 Partners has moved closer to its takeover of Everton after its bid received clearance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),” reports David Ornstein of The Athletic. This pivotal advancement underscores the investment firm’s commitment to acquiring the renowned Premier League club. However, as Ornstein highlights, “any prospective takeover remains subject to regulatory approval from the Premier League and the Football Association,” indicating that there are still crucial steps to be taken in this journey.

The Crucial Role of the FCA in Football Club Acquisitions

The FCA plays an instrumental role in overseeing financial integrity within the UK. This independent body ensures that any company wishing to perform regulated financial services meets rigorous standards. The fact that “777 Partners had always remained confident of securing FCA approval,” as stated in the original article, reflects their steadfast approach towards this significant acquisition.

777 Partners: A Global Vision in Football

Delving into 777 Partners’ background, we find a diverse and ambitious entity. Founded in 2015, and led by Steven Pasko and Josh Wander, the firm has shown a keen interest in football investments. From taking minority stakes in Sevilla to acquiring Genoa, Vasco da Gama, Standard Liege, Red Star, Melbourne Victory, and most recently Hertha Berlin, their portfolio depicts a strategic expansion in the football world. Notably, “Everton would not be the first English sports club to be bought by 777 Partners,” as they previously acquired a significant stake in the London Lions basketball club.

What Lies Ahead for Everton and 777 Partners

While the FCA’s approval is a significant milestone, the journey is far from over. The Premier League and the Football Association’s nod is still pending, with a decision not expected before January. This period of anticipation puts Everton at a crossroads, potentially under new ownership that could reshape its future. The club’s majority shareholder, Farhad Moshiri, who signed an agreement with 777 Partners in September for the sale of his 94.1 per cent shares, might soon see this transition come to fruition, heralding a new era for Everton FC.

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