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Frank: Toney Stays Put, Arsenal Disappointed

Brentford’s Thomas Frank: Steadfast in Keeping Ivan Toney Amid Transfer Talks

Defiance in the Face of Transfer Speculation

In an atmosphere thick with transfer rumours, Brentford’s manager Thomas Frank has remained unyieldingly steadfast about the future of Ivan Toney. As the January transfer window approaches, the buzz around Toney has intensified, especially with Arsenal showing interest. However, Frank’s position is clear and firm. In an article from The Athletic, Frank asserts, “As far as I know Ivan is a Brentford player. No bids. I want to keep him and he’s looking forward to playing for us.”

Countering Arsenal’s Alleged Interest

With Arsenal reportedly eyeing Toney, Frank has skilfully navigated the situation, focusing on Toney’s commitment to Brentford. Responding to the speculation, he deflects, “I don’t know about that. You’ll have to ask Arsenal,” highlighting his non-engagement with the rumor mill. His primary concern is Brentford, and he views Toney as an integral part of the team’s fabric.

Toney’s Significance to Brentford

Frank’s admiration for Toney isn’t just about his skills on the pitch but also about his value to the team. He clarifies, “Am I desperate to keep him? Desperate is a big word. I’d really, really like to keep him. I’m a head coach. I’d love to have my best players with me all the time.” This quote from Frank, sourced from The Athletic, emphasizes his realistic yet passionate desire to have Toney remain a part of Brentford.


Anticipating Toney’s Return to Action

As Toney’s suspension nears its end, the excitement within the Brentford camp is palpable. Frank expresses this anticipation: “So from my perspective, I don’t want to sell him. That’s me, because he is fantastic. Last year three players scored more than 20 goals in the Premier League and he was one of them.” This statement underlines Toney’s extraordinary contribution to the team last season and the eagerness to see him replicate his form.

A Clear Message from Brentford

Thomas Frank’s remarks, as reported by The Athletic, send a clear message about Brentford’s intent regarding Ivan Toney. Despite the allure of the transfer market and the interest from other clubs, Brentford, through Frank’s vision, seems resolute in retaining their star striker. His return to the field is not just awaited by Frank but by the entire Brentford community, who see him as pivotal to their success.

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