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Honigstein: Why Sancho is Back on Dortmund’s Radar

Borussia Dortmund’s Strategic Reconsideration for Jadon Sancho

Examining Dortmund’s Sudden Interest in Sancho

Raphael Honigstein’s piece in The Athletic provides an intriguing insight into Borussia Dortmund’s unexpected change of heart regarding Jadon Sancho. Initially, Dortmund’s senior figures were indifferent to Sancho’s struggles at Manchester United, having sold him for a hefty sum. Yet, recent developments have prompted a reassessment of their stance.

Reasons Behind the Shift in Perspective

A few months ago, the idea of Sancho returning to Signal Iduna Park was dismissed by Dortmund’s senior club figures as “fanciful.” However, a combination of factors has led to a sudden change of heart. Dortmund’s disappointing end to the calendar year, which saw them drop to fifth in the Bundesliga table, has been a crucial driver. The team’s lack of victories in December, coupled with a gap in their attacking play, has propelled the club to consider solutions.

The Tactical Void Sancho Could Fill

Dortmund’s current wingers, Donyell Malen, Karim Adeyemi, and Jamie Bynoe-Gittens, haven’t lived up to expectations, particularly in slower possession play – an area where Sancho excelled. The club believes Sancho’s return could help shift the team’s reliance from counter-attacks to a more controlled, dominant style of play.

Sancho’s Potential Impact and Fitness Concerns

While Dortmund is hopeful about Sancho’s potential impact, there are valid concerns about his fitness levels and form, given his extended absence from competitive football. The club is betting on the familiar environment at Dortmund acting as a catalyst for Sancho’s return to form, even if it means starting with substitute appearances.

Terzic’s Role in Sancho’s Development

Edin Terzic, Dortmund’s manager, could be pivotal in revitalizing Sancho’s career. Terzic has previously demonstrated his ability to get the best out of Sancho, notably during his caretaker stint. Terzic’s attention to discipline and fostering a professional environment, notably encouraging Sancho to emulate Erling Haaland’s professionalism, had paid dividends in the past.

Dortmund’s Dressing Room and Financial Calculations

Inside Dortmund’s dressing room, there is excitement about Sancho’s return. Despite some disciplinary lapses, his impact during his previous stint remains fondly remembered. Financially, the move appears to be a low-risk venture for Dortmund. The club anticipates the loan deal to cost around €3 million, a sum considered negligible in the grand scheme of Dortmund’s ambitions, especially in the Champions League and Bundesliga.

The Loan Deal’s Strategic Advantage

From Dortmund’s perspective, the loan deal for Sancho carries minimal risk. While a permanent move seems unlikely due to wage structures and United’s fee demands, Sancho’s success in boosting Dortmund’s Champions League and Bundesliga prospects would justify the financial outlay.


Borussia Dortmund’s renewed interest in Jadon Sancho is a calculated move driven by tactical necessities and financial pragmatism. The potential reunion offers both a low-risk opportunity for Dortmund and a chance for Sancho to rediscover his form in a familiar setting. It’s a strategic decision that underscores the fluid nature of football transfers, where past decisions are frequently reassessed in light of changing circumstances.

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