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United’s Goal Drought Solution: French Superstar on Wishlist

Erik ten Hag’s Dream: Benzema to Revitalise Manchester United’s Attack?

In the midst of Manchester United’s attacking woes, an intriguing suggestion has emerged from former Red Devil Louis Saha. In an original article credited to The MEN, Saha muses that Erik ten Hag might entertain the ambitious idea of bringing Karim Benzema to Old Trafford. Despite acknowledging the fanciful nature of this idea, it’s a proposition that warrants discussion.

United’s Struggle for Goals

The stark reality facing United this season is their underwhelming attack, a problem that has fans clamouring for a solution. With a January transfer window limited by Financial Fair Play constraints, after a hefty £180million summer spending spree, the options are slim. The club’s hierarchy, therefore, is compelled to explore loan deals or bargain signings.

Benzema: The Experienced Prodigy

Benzema’s tenure at Real Madrid, which yielded five Champions League trophies and four La Liga titles with a staggering 354 goals, is testament to his enduring class. His recent move to Al-Ittihad has been fruitful, and while his contract runs until 2026, Saha suggests that a loan move could offer United the ‘goal nous’ they desperately need.

“Benzema would change United’s attack, and that’s exactly what they need now. He would definitely score goals and also ensure better team play. For now, it is just a dream, but Karim is still very professional,”

Saha told AS. These words, albeit tinged with a touch of wistfulness, highlight the transformative impact Benzema could have on United.

Past Glories and Present Dreams

Sir Alex Ferguson’s own admiration for Benzema’s talent is well-documented. He once aimed to harness Benzema’s potential with the funds from Cristiano Ronaldo’s sale. “We tried to spend [the Cristiano Ronaldo money] on Karim Benzema as, at 21, I felt that there would be an improvement there. He is tough, good physique, a good goal-scoring record, so it was worth going a wee bit extra for him because of his age. But when it went to £42m, it was beyond his value. We went to £35m and I think that was fair,” Ferguson reflected.

This near-miss history between Benzema and United adds a layer of intrigue to Saha’s comments. Could the stars align this time, or is it merely wishful thinking?

Looking Ahead

With Jadon Sancho poised for a loan return to Borussia Dortmund, it’s clear that United is in a phase of transition. Benzema, with his prolific record and experience, could be the catalyst Ten Hag needs to spark a revival. While it remains a speculative scenario, it’s a captivating prospect for United fans seeking a return to the glory days.

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