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Report: Manchester United Legend Eyed for Sweden’s Top Job

Swedish Football’s Quest for a New Coach: Ole Gunnar Solskjær In Frame

As the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) scrambles to find a new head coach for its men’s national team, the dramatic turn of events has captured the attention of football enthusiasts and media alike. The federation’s initial plan to onboard Olof Mellberg and Tony Gustavsson, a strategy formulated before Christmas, has hit a snag. The collapse of discussions with Mellberg and Gustavsson’s commitment to the Australian women’s team has led to an urgent need to reconsider other potential candidates.

From Plan A to Plan B: A Shifting Strategy

SvFF, working with a lengthy list of prospects and a shorter list of more current names, has not ruled out adding new names to the latter, particularly given the unforeseen developments. According to Fotbollskanalen, there’s a buzz that Kim Källström, the federation’s football chief since December 6, will play a more active role in the recruitment process.

Tony Gustavsson’s Dilemma: Time and Commitment

The possibility of Tony Gustavsson taking the helm is not entirely off the table. However, his obligations with Australia’s women’s team, extending beyond the summer Olympics, complicate his availability for Sweden’s March gathering. The federation had initially envisioned a complementary partnership between Gustavsson and Mellberg. Now, Gustavsson’s chances hinge on the federation finding another suitable partner for him.

New Contender Emerges: Ole Gunnar Solskjær

In an intriguing development, Fotbollskanalen reports that Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the former Manchester United manager and esteemed player, has emerged as a potential candidate. Solskjær, currently unattached since his departure from Manchester United in November 2021, met with SvFF in December and expressed interest in the position.

Solskjær’s Connection to Nordic Football

Despite Solskjær’s lack of direct experience in Sweden, his extensive knowledge of Nordic football, gained through his time as a player and coach at Molde, makes him a compelling candidate. In a rare interview, he acknowledged receiving offers, including two from Saudi Arabia, but expressed a desire to return to coaching.

The Economic Factor: SvFF’s Challenge

The financial aspect presents a significant hurdle for SvFF. Solskjær’s salary expectations, shaped by his tenure at Manchester United and potential offers from other clubs, might be beyond the federation’s reach. His recent link with Turkish giants Besiktas underscores this challenge.

Other Names in the Mix

SvFF’s search has also extended to Jon Dahl Tomasson, the current Blackburn coach and former Malmö FF coach. Tomasson, who previously served as the assistant coach for Denmark’s national team, received high praise for his work at MFF. However, his response was more tepid compared to Solskjær when SvFF initially settled on Mellberg and Gustavsson.

Kim Källström’s Statement: Focused Approach

In a recent statement, Kim Källström, SvFF’s new football chief, emphasized the ongoing nature of the recruitment process. He highlighted the importance of making the right choice, underscoring the priority the federation places on this decision.

As the Swedish football community and fans around the world wait with bated breath, the outcome of this high-stakes coaching search remains a subject of intense speculation and interest. SvFF’s next steps will be crucial in shaping the future of Swedish football on the international stage.

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