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Chris Sutton: Patience the Key for Chelsea and Pochettino

Chelsea’s Strategy Under Mauricio Pochettino: A Call for Patience and Trust

In the tumultuous world of the Premier League, where the stakes are high and the pressure is relentless, Chelsea’s current state under Mauricio Pochettino has ignited a debate about the future direction of the club. Amidst a season that has seen the Blues grappling with inconsistency, voices from within the football community are urging for patience with the Argentine tactician.


Season of Challenges and Transition

Chelsea’s journey this season has been far from smooth, with the club finding itself in the 11th spot after enduring 10 defeats in 23 games. This comes despite an aggressive investment strategy, which saw the club’s expenditure surpass £380m last summer, marking the highest outlay by any European club during that window. Since the takeover by Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital in May 2022, over £1bn has been invested across four transfer windows, primarily on young talents secured on long contracts.


Former Chelsea striker Chris Sutton, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, highlighted the necessity of giving Pochettino time to mould these investments into a coherent and successful team. “It is easy to say you need to change manager,” Sutton noted. “If you look at the job Pochettino did at Tottenham, eventually he got there. Certainly, there needs to be patience with the manager.”

The Blueprint for Success: Patience and Identity

Pochettino’s vision for Chelsea is clear: a high-pressing, brave team that confidently plays from the back. However, translating this vision into consistent performances has been a challenge, exacerbated by a lack of confidence and a squad still finding its feet. “They do have an identity – they want to press high and be brave on the ball playing out from the back – but are a team low on confidence,” Sutton added.

Shay Given, the former Newcastle goalkeeper, also chimed in on the discourse, suggesting that the solution isn’t to dismiss Pochettino. Given pointed out the quality of Chelsea’s previous managers, including Thomas Tuchel, to underline that the club’s issues might stem from deeper, systemic problems.

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The Need for Cohesion and Support

Criticism has not been limited to the tactical or managerial aspects. Pat Nevin, a former Chelsea winger, described the team’s play as disjointed, likening it to a “side built by an algorithm.” This critique underscores the challenge of integrating individual talents into a cohesive unit, a task Pochettino is keenly aware of.

In response to the difficulties faced, Pochettino has called for support, especially for the young squad that finds itself under intense scrutiny and pressure. “The fans will be right to criticise and be angry if the performance is not good,” he acknowledged. “But it’s important [to remember] the players are young. They need support.”

Chelsea’s Road Ahead

As Chelsea navigates through this period of transition, the calls for patience and trust in Mauricio Pochettino’s process grow louder. With a young squad and a clear tactical identity, the potential for success is evident. However, the journey towards realising this potential is fraught with challenges that demand not just tactical acumen, but also patience and support from all quarters of the club.

The recent criticism from Thiago Silva’s wife on social media, urging for immediate change, highlights the emotional and pressure-filled environment Pochettino operates in. Yet, as history has shown, time and patience can transform potential into success, a lesson Chelsea may well heed as they look towards the future under Pochettino’s guidance.

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